Learn how to review your pay run before sending payslips to employees in Payroller

Learn how to review your pay run in the ‘Review’ section with our simple guide below.

Please note that once a pay run has the status STP done, the YTD figures on the pay run will be what is reported to the ATO. If you have made a mistake you can edit and resubmit the pay run or remove the pay run from the ATO or make adjustments to the end-of-financial-year figures.

When you create a pay run, entered the dates, finalised the Adjust section and you’ve clicked ‘Next’, you’ll be taken to the Review page.

Creating pay runs - Review pay run - 1

On this page, you can view the totals for leave accrual, earnings, tax, super, net pay, amount paid, and draft payslips.

Creating pay runs - Review pay run - 2

You can also edit Annual leave accrued, Sick Leave accrued, Tax and also mark EOFY Final to indicate you are finalising for the employee for the end of the financial year.

To edit the figures, click on the figures, delete them, and enter the new amount.

Creating pay runs - Review pay run - 3

If you’re happy with how this looks, click ‘Save & send payslips’.

Creating pay runs - Review pay run - 4

If you don’t want to submit just yet, click on ‘Save’ or ‘Save Draft’.

Creating pay runs - Review pay run - 5

By clicking Save you will have the option to submit STP without sending a payslip.

Next, you may want to submit STP to the ATO and send/view/print payslips for your employees.

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