Payroller Guides

Need some help with Payroller? Welcome to user guides for Payroller software.  Learn how to use Payroller for the easiest self-service HR solution for small businesses in Australia.

Payroller takes care of everything relating to managing employees from single touch payroll (STP) to timesheets & staff scheduling.

Our collection of tutorials will help you with every feature inside Payroller for employers.

We also have dedicated resources for accountants, bookkeepers and tax agents.  Agents can use our free Payroller Agent portal to manage payroll for clients.

You can also join the Payroller Community Group in Facebook to share tips and advice with other Payroller users.

If you notice that anything is missing, please reach out to us. You can also make and vote for feature requests.

How to run payroll using Payroller

Reporting STP using Payroller

Using Payroller on mobile app

How to manage your Payroller account

Additional Payroller features

Payroller user guides for accountants & tax agents