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Low-cost, full-function solution for small businesses in Australia. Run payroll and report STP in a matter of minutes on the best payroll-only system. Access payroll data on the go on mobile and web.

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Payroll only software for Australian business

Why choose Payroller for your payroll?

Affordable payroll-only solution

Get the cloud payroll essentials at a reasonable price point in one easy-to-use platform.

ATO-approved for Single Touch Payroll

Payroller follows STP reporting standards and updates from the ATO so you don’t have to.

Employee self-onboarding

Sign your team up on a dedicated employee app where they can access payslips and more.

Payroll only gets better from here



Timesheets & Rosters

Leave Management

Employee App

Payroll & STP on Mobile**

STP Phase 2 Enabled


$2.99/month per employee *

Timesheets & Rosters

Leave Management

Employee App

Payroll & STP on Mobile

Payroll & STP on Web

STP Phase 2 Enabled


Xero Integration


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Timesheets & Rosters

Leave Management

Employee App

Payroll & STP on Mobile

Payroll & STP on Web

STP Phase 2 Enabled


Xero Integration

*Based on 5 or more employees if paid yearly
** for app users who only run payroll for a single person

Everything you need for fast & easy pay runs


Set up business payroll in minutes

Experience the mastered Payroller onboarding process. Add employee details and wages, set your pay run schedule, and run payroll in one seamless workflow. 85% of our users make their first pay run in under 15 minutes!

You don’t need to be a payroll professional or accountant to leverage Payroller for your business.

Sync STP on web and mobile app
ATO approved software for payroll only

Instant STP reporting every pay run

Payroller is an approved for Single Touch Payroll software with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Leave your payroll compliance worries behind and get back time to focus on running your business. Our payroll process is intuitive and fast, designed for businesses looking to cut through time wasted on manual admin tasks.


Automate wage, super guarantee, and leave calculations

Use Payroller to handle employees with different hours, contract types, and wages. Stored employee data includes pay rates, PTO and sick leave balances, and superfund preferences. All this data is integrated into the payroll process, ensuring calculations and payslips are accurate and ATO-compliant every single time.

Automated calculations for an accurate payroll
Invite accountants on your payroll only software

Invite your accountant on the platform for free

Give payroll access to your accountant or tax agent at no additional cost through a dedicated platform for accounting professionals. They can add and manage employees and create pay runs on your behalf, streamlining your payroll process even more. Monitor everything in real-time with your employer access.


Manage your workforce with the employee app

Create employee rosters and let your staff fill out timesheets using the Payroller Employee mobile app. Send shifts directly to employees via the app or email, where they can accept or decline. On Payroller, you can monitor attendance and labour costs in a functional calendar view to help you optimise your scheduling practices.

Payroller integrates with Xero accounting systems

Integrate with your accounting system

Payroller’s payroll only software integrates with the most popular business accounting software like Xero. Improve your accounting workflows and easily export data between your current system. Manage payroll alongside your business’s other expenses.

Get started with the only payroll software you need!

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Marika Martinez
Marika Martinez
25 June 2024
easy to use payroll system
Karen Coatsworth
Karen Coatsworth
28 May 2024
easy to use once set up
Barry Howat
Barry Howat
16 May 2024
Best app ever, works well very very easy to use recommend it for any one, Luv IT! Well done. Cheers Baz The Weed Terminator. Esperance WA.

We've made payroll SO. DAMN. EASY.

Made by & designed for Australian small businesses.

Frequently asked questions about our STP and payroll only solution

Currently, all Payroll features and available under a paid plan. The features included are:

Move to Payroller from a different accounting or payroll only software with STP by following these easy steps:

  1. Sign up to Payroller and set up your account with a subscription.
  2. Add employee details to the employee record.
  3. Under the ‘People’ section, select the settings wheel for each employee.
  4. Select ‘Opening balances’ in the Settings menu.
  5. Set leave balances and YTD values as of the day of migrating to Payroller.
  6. Register your new Payroller software ID with the ATO.

See the full guide to migrating to Payroller here.

After registering your Payroller software ID with the ATO and enabling STP reporting, submitting pay runs is an easy and intuitive process. After creating a pay run, press ‘Submit’ to see the STP Lodgement Delcaration form. Simply fill out the STP declaration form as required and click ‘Submit STP’ to send your report to the ATO.

Payroller integrates super guarantee payments with your regular pay runs. Super contributions are generated from pay runs you create, and the payment date determines the corresponding super batch. You can customise these batches by:

  • Payment period (quarterly, monthly, etc.)
  • Ignoring dates when super was previously submitted
  • Payment method (BPAY or direct debit)
  • Review included employees
  • Ignoring individual batches

Upon successful submission, you’ll receive a confirmation message or a separate code for making the external bank transfer with BPAY. Direct debit super payments typically take 1-2 business days for processing, while BPAY payments take 3 business days for Beam. Rejected payments or overpaid contributions are returned to your account within 10 business days.See the full guide to submitting super payments on Payroller here.

Payroller Employee is a free and convenient app for employees to view and track their pay. Our mobile app lets your workforce independently access payroll documents without creating extra admin work.

Employees can enjoy the following features:

  • On-the-go payslip access
  • Access to employee roster with real-time updates
  • In-app or email shift notifications
  • Self-clock in and clock out of shifts
  • Leave requests and tracking with documentation
  • Access to scheduled leaves
  • View YTD wages

Your accountant or tax agent can get free access to our specialised agents’ platform called Payroller Pro. From there, your accountant can upload and manage employees on your behalf, as well as create authorised pay runs. Additionally, your accountant can ensure your Payroller account is configured correctly, including tax rates, super guarantee settings, and leave entitlements.

On Payroller Pro, your accountant can review your generated payslips and reports to identify any potential errors or inconsistencies. Get real-time assistance with tasks like finalising payroll for the year, preparing payment summaries (PAYGs) for employees, and reconciling payroll data with your accounting software.