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Marika Martinez
Marika Martinez
25 June 2024
easy to use payroll system
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Karen Coatsworth
28 May 2024
easy to use once set up
Barry Howat
Barry Howat
16 May 2024
Best app ever, works well very very easy to use recommend it for any one, Luv IT! Well done. Cheers Baz The Weed Terminator. Esperance WA.

Best payroll systems for takeaway stores

It can be challenging to run a takeaway shop in Australia, let alone handle payroll.  You’d need to comply with the relevant award rates.  You can easily customize pay rates, work hours and work types for casual staff, part-time workers and full-time employees in Payroller

Payroller’s simple single touch payroll software automates wage, superannuation and leave calculations. You can also add deductions and entitlements for your workers.  It’s simple to account for overtime hours and penalty rates in Payroller so your casual staff are happy and paid fairly. 

85% of our users run their first payroll in under 15 minutes.

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Take away your payroll on mobile

Make pay runs anytime from your takeaway stores or in the comfort of your home.  Payroller syncs your STP across all devices including mobile app and web.  

With roster changes and staff days off, it’s hard to keep track of shifts worked by your employees. Use Payroller’s work scheduling, time tracking and timesheets features wherever you are.  Your staff can see payslips, scheduled shifts and submit timesheets from their own employee mobile app

Payroller is the easiest payroll, scheduling and payslip solution to make sure your fast food workers are accurately reporting work hours. 


Payslips from payroll for your takeaway shop

Generate payslips for your takeaway store employees straight from your completed pay runs and meet Fair Work laws. 

Send payslips to your workers with one click and from one central software with Payroller.


Payroll served direct to your accountant

Payroller is the easiest self-service solution for takeaway shops.  However, it’s also helpful to consult with a payroll expert or accountant.  You can invite your accountant to securely access your payroll via the Payroller Agent portal.

Save time during tax time and avoid messy communications when your bookkeeper manages your payroll in real-time using Payroller.

Frequently asked questions about takeaway shop payroll

“Try for free” allows you to discover if Payroller is the right software for you and your business before you commit to our platform. “Try for free” is cost and commitment-free and we do not require any credit card details to sign up. So give Payroller a try, it only takes a few minutes to get set up.

While the Payroller mobile app is completely free – fees will apply to use the Payroller web app, Xero integration, and to make super contributions through our integrated super clearing house (Beam).

If you own a takeaway shop in Australia, make sure you look into the following payroll taxes for your employees:

  • PAYG Withholding: Income tax withheld from employee salaries and remitted to the ATO.
  • Superannuation Guarantee (Super): You contribute a percentage of an employee’s ordinary time earnings (OTE) towards their superannuation fund (currently 10.5% as of April 2024).
  • Payroll Tax (optional): Depending on your state or territory and exceeding a wage threshold (e.g., $700,000 annually in Victoria), you may need to pay payroll tax on wages paid to employees.

You can, especially for a small shop with a few employees and a simple pay structure. However, payroll software can save you time, avoid errors, and ensure compliance with tax regulations. This becomes especially important as your business grows.

STP is a government initiative requiring most employers to report their employees’ salary and super information electronically to the ATO each time they pay their employees. Since STP is mandatory, takeaway shops should ensure they have a system in place to comply. Payroll software can be a valuable tool for managing STP reporting along with other payroll tasks.

Yes, the applicable award rate depends on the specific roles of your employees. Some common awards include:

  • Fast Food Industry Award 2010: Covers roles like cooks, kitchen staff, counter staff, and food preparation.
  • Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2010: May apply to some staff depending on their specific duties (e.g., waiters/waitresses serving alcohol).

Payroller is an STP-enabled software that automatically submits payroll information to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) – through a secure cloud network – whenever you perform a payrun. Payroller helps you to track, manage and record your payroll while safely sharing that information (and staying compliant) with the ATO.

As a truly one-stop payroll solution, you can manage staff roster, invite your accountant, bookkeeper or BAS agent and even make Super contribution (Beam) on Payroller.

Absolutely, you may share your account and even set different access permissions.

Only a few minutes. The majority of our customers get up and running within 15 minutes. If you do need more help in getting set up, simply reach out to our capable live agents and they will have you using Payroller like a seasoned user in no time. Check out our handy user guides.

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Yes, Payroller is integrated with Xero. By connecting your Xero account to Payroller, you can easily export and share payroll information cross-platforms.

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