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The easiest way to manage employees

Managing people in your business can be hard. As a sole trader, micro-employer or small business, you want simple but reliable tools to meet Australian laws and manage staff. 

Payroller is the best HR and payroll software for small business.  Get single touch payroll (STP), payslips, employee record-keeping, online rostering software and timesheets in one spot. 

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Why use Payroller

Easiest single touch payroll (STP) reporting solution

Payroller is single touch payroll (STP) software approved by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). 

Make pay runs in minutes with automated wage and tax calculations. Finalise STP reporting including for end-of-financial-year (EOFY).  Add and remove employees on your payroll with a few clicks.  This flexibility is ideal for temporary or casual workers.  

Report STP with Payroller on any device
Payslip Sample In Payroller

Instant payslips straight from your payroll

Generate and send payslips for your employees straight from your payroll.  Comply with Fair Work laws when you send employee payslips to your staff with Payroller. 

Manage employees and payroll anytime, anywhere

Use Payroller across all devices including mobile app and web.  Payroller syncs data in real-time.  Time is valuable as a small business owner or manager.  Payroller provides easy cloud payroll for any business type or industry and the easiest leave management software in one.

Access Payroller’s features on the go with our cloud payroll solution.     

Payroller data syncs across web and mobile app
Accountant & agent client management portal in Payroller

Free Agent portal for accountants

Accountants, bookkeepers and tax agents can access our dedicated free Payroller Agent portal.  Accounting agents can manage payroll for many clients. 

Speed up payroll and managing tax as a small business employer.  You can invite your accountant to access your payroll through Payroller.  

Earn $50 for each successful client referral to Payroller when you sign up to our Agent referral program.  

Simplified employee management for small business

Payroller is the most small business friendly and affordable employee management and single touch payroll system.  Any Australian business can use Payroller for functional payroll, employee payslips and staff scheduling in one solution.  

Customise employment details for employees including work hours, pay rates, leave loading and more.  Onboard new staff and do employee reporting in minutes.  Keep confidential employee details secure using Payroller’s Australian Tax Office (ATO) approved software.  

Manage employees on mobile app and web with Payroller
Wage and super payments in Payroller

Automate payroll processing

Save time with Payroller’s automated employee wage and superannuation calculations.   Process payroll accurately and regularly. 

Your employees’ confidence in your business grows when they’re paid on time. Pay employee wages and superannuation via Payroller’s integration with BEAM super clearing house.  

Payroller automates PAYG, taxes and employee superannuation reports.  Maintain good business records all year round for tax time. 

No more spreadsheets! Get our free scheduling & timesheet solutions

Scheduling staff shifts and rosters can be tricky when you have casual and part-time workers. Payroller is an integrated staff rostering, timesheets and time tracking, and payroll solution. 

Your staff can accept or reject rostered shifts, and clock in and out of shifts using the Payroller free staff scheduling app.  Simple timesheets make tracking staff members’ actual work hours simple for busy employers. 

The best part? Make a pay run in seconds from approved timesheets.  

Payroller employee mobile app

Free self-service employee mobile app

Invite your workers to download the Payroller employee mobile app for free. Our free mobile app for employees is part of our cloud-based HR software for small business.

Your staff can view payslips, manage leave, and view PAYG wages & superannuation.  Payroller’s free employee self-service and leave management app is perfect for remote workers or staff on the go.  

How does Payroller work?

Payroller is designed to make STP simple for small business employers. 

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