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Connect Payroller & Xero

Payroller is a leading Single Touch Payroll (STP) solution for Australian employers and accountants. 

Connect Payroller with Xero with our integration.

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Tax Services

Why integrate your Xero account with Payroller?

Improve your business workflow, streamlining the way your information is communicated.

Export data from Payroller to Xero rather than manually entering this information.

Manage your payroll information alongside your business’ other bills and expenses.

Why Payroller?

Payroller is an ATO-approved Single Touch Payroll (STP) solution for Australian employers, accountants, tax agents and bookkeepers.

STP Compatible

Subscribe to an STP compatible payroll software.


With Payroller, you just tap, select, and run payroll on web or mobile app.

Save Time

Save time by not having to report across multiple places.

How to connect Payroller to Xero

Learn how to integrate Payroller with Xero in our simple user guide.