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Ray Magro
Ray Magro
14 March 2024
Sara P
Sara P
13 March 2024
Easy to set up and reasonable price
dragan velickovski
dragan velickovski
6 March 2024
Tried few other payroll STP providers, but Payroller is my preferred one by far.
Boonsong Thammakitpairote
Boonsong Thammakitpairote
6 March 2024
Easy to use
ian cornish
ian cornish
4 March 2024
Easy to use and has all required info.

Automated contractor pay calculations in payroll

Your payroll process for independent contractors is streamlined with Payroller. 

Our payroll service for contractors is ideal when you manage multiple contractors.  Configure different pay rates, allowances, and deductions for each contractor on your payroll.  Add and remove contractors and employees as you need.  Our flexible payroll system can match your business’ busy periods and be customised for different projects. 

You can also produce payslips for contractors quickly, manage leave entitlements, and make superannuation payments online. 

payroll for Contractors

85% of our users run their first payroll in under 15 minutes.

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Run contractor payroll from anywhere

It has never been easier to manage the work hours and jobs of many independent contractors.  Payroller syncs your data across any web or mobile devices including Mobile appStay on top of small business HR more conveniently with payroll and payslips at your fingertips.

Organise your team of contractors no matter where you are.  Onboard new contractors with just a few clicks and maintain accurate employee records.  Using our software, you can also manage contractor work schedules, rosters and timesheets.  Contractors can also access payslips, request leave and accept rostered shifts with our dedicated Employee mobile app.


Contractor payroll access for your accountant

You can share your payroll with your tax accountant securely and reliably through Payroller.  Your bookkeeper has free access to the Payroller agent portal.  This means you keep your contractor pay data secure and avoid manual file transfers.

Your payroll data is synced in real-time with Payroller’s online cloud payroll solution for contractors.  View changes live and make edits as you need.  


Single Touch Payroll for contractors approved by the ATO

It can feel complicated to manage payroll for contractors with different pay rates, job titles and staffing arrangements.  You don’t need to be a payroll or software expert to use Payroller.  

Meeting your legal obligations doesn’t need to be complicated. The Payroller single touch payroll (STP) system is user-friendly and approved by the Australian Tax Office (ATO).  Spend less time managing contractors’ payroll and more time growing your business.

Frequently asked questions about contractor payroll

“Try for free” allows you to discover if Payroller is the right software for you and your business before you commit to our platform. “Try for free” is cost and commitment-free and we do not require any credit card details to sign up. So give Payroller a try, it only takes a few minutes to get set up.

While the Payroller mobile app is completely free – fees will apply to use the Payroller web app, Xero integration, and to make super contributions through our integrated super clearing house (Beam).

A contractor payroll system is a software solution designed to streamline the process of paying independent contractors, freelancers, and consultants. Unlike traditional payroll for employees, contractor payroll handles payments without withholding taxes or providing benefits.

Contractor payroll software automates everything from calculating fees to generating tax reports relevant to all of your employees, including contracted staff. This saves you time, reduces errors, and ensures smooth payments for both you and your contractors. You can use payroll platforms to manage different contract types and even allow contractors to track their project expenses directly. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Payroll software solutions typically accommodate different contract types. Payroller allows business owners to calculate payments based on a fixed fee, hourly rate, or milestone-based payments.

As a business in Australia, you have responsibilities when it comes to paying and reporting for contractors. In most cases, you won’t withhold tax from contractor payments. However, if the contractor meets specific criteria and is classified as an employee under ATO guidelines, then you’ll need to withhold tax. Report the total payments made to all contractors (including any GST) on your TPAR lodged with the ATO by the due date (usually late August).

Remember to classify contractors correctly and have a written contract outlining the project, fees, and payment terms. Contractors are generally responsible for their own taxes, but it’s good to have an organised internal record of all the payments and documentation.

Some payroll software solutions offer features for contractors to track their project expenses and earnings directly within the platform. Payroller has a companion Employee app to allow staff members to view their payroll data in real-time, on-the-go. This streamlines record-keeping for both contractors and the business hiring them.

By using a contractor payroll system, you can save time, improve efficiency, and ensure accurate payments and tax reporting for independent workers.

Payroller is an STP-enabled software that automatically submits payroll information to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) – through a secure cloud network – whenever you perform a payrun. Payroller helps you to track, manage and record your payroll while safely sharing that information (and staying compliant) with the ATO.

As a truly one-stop payroll solution, you can manage staff roster, invite your accountant, bookkeeper or BAS agent and even make Super contribution (Beam) on Payroller.

Absolutely, you may share your account and even set different access permissions.

Only a few minutes. The majority of our customers get up and running within 15 minutes. If you do need more help in getting set up, simply reach out to our capable live agents and they will have you using Payroller like a seasoned user in no time. Check out our handy user guides.

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Yes, Payroller is integrated with Xero. By connecting your Xero account to Payroller, you can easily export and share payroll information cross-platforms.

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