How to edit leave accrued in Payroller

Learn how to edit the leave accrued in Payroller with our simple guide below.


Long service leave accumulates at a different rate depending on the state you are in. You can select the state by going into the settings section.


If your leave accrual does not match the figures on the pay run you may need to check whether you have entered an Opening balance amount.


If your employee has been terminated and you would like their leave to be reduced to 0 you will need to complete a Termination for that employee.


Once you create a pay run, enter the dates, finalise the Adjust section and you’ve clicked ‘Next’, you’ll be taken to the Review page.


If you want to edit the amount of leave accrued in the pay run, you can do this in the Review section in Run Payroll.


Step 1: Click on the amount for the leave type that you want to edit

Go to the column for the appropriate leave type and click on the amount

Creating pay runs - Edit leave accrued - 1

Step 2: Type the new amount as required.


Creating pay runs - Edit leave accrued - 2

If you make a mistake on the leave and you would like to restore it back to the original figure you can select the reset icon on the left side of the employee.


Creating pay runs - Edit leave accrued - 3

If your employee has more leave than required you can also enter negative leave balances here to reduce the total amount of leave accrued.


Alternatively, you can enter negative balances in the opening balances of an employee card to reduce the total amount of leave accrued.


Once you have finalised the pay run you will be able to see the changes to the Accrued Leave on the employee’s payslip.


Creating pay runs - Edit leave accrued - 4

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