Affordable & easy Xero alternative for payroll

Many small business owners are unsatisfied with Xero’s pricing for payroll features and STP. Ditch the complex software and unnecessary features. Roll with Payroller!

Payroller is a Xero alternative for payroll management that’s 100% free for 1-employee businesses.

Ready to streamline your payroll process? Move on from Xero frustration and switch to Payroller today!

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Xero alternative for small businesses

Run payroll with the best Xero alternative for small businesses

Cheaper alternative to Xero payroll

Payroll features for up to 5 employees on Payroller is 83% more affordable than Xero.

Easy-to-use interface & workflows

Our software is designed for business owners with little to no accounting expertise.

Free workforce management features

Employees can use our dedicated mobile app to create timesheets, accept shifts, and request leaves.

Payroller vs. Xero comparison

Feature Payroller Standard Xero Comprehensive
Monthly Cost


for the first 3 months

Number of employees
Unlimited* for 3 months
Single Touch Payroll
Timesheets and rosters
Dedicated employee app
Timesheets and rosters
Dedicated employee app
Leave management
Payment summaries

* Normally $2.99/employee for annual subscribers and $4/employee for monthly subscribers after 3 months
** Prices updated as of 1 July 2024

Essential payroll features at better value


Payroller is a free Xero alternative for 1-employee businesses

Running a business with just one employee? Don’t waste money on features you don’t need. Payroller offers a free plan that lets you manage payroll for your first employee, making it a great alternative to Xero. Say goodbye to unnecessary fees and hello to a user-friendly payroll solution designed specifically for small businesses.

Sync STP on web and mobile app
ATO approved software for payroll only

ATO & STP-approved for your peace of mind

Focus on what matters most—running your business! Payroller takes care of the complexities of ATO compliance and stays up to date with the latest standards. Our software is built to handle Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting seamlessly, so you can rest assured that your payroll meets all government regulations.


Super payments made super simple

Superannuation doesn’t have to be a headache. With Payroller, adding superannuation contributions for your employees is a breeze. As a Xero alternative, Payroller offers a streamlined process:

  • Enter the superfund name or USI during employee setup.
  • Payroller automatically searches and suggests matching superfunds.
  • Select the correct fund and you’re done!
Superannuation on Payroller
employee clock in and clock out

Get WFM features for payroll accuracy and better scheduling

Payroller’s timesheets and rosters app functionality help you track employee time and streamline scheduling.

Your staff can use the Payroller Employee app to track work hours and automatically send timesheets to the platform. They can also view their payslips, YTD wages, and manage their leave balances, taking away the administrative burden off your shoulders.


Invite your accountant to the platform for free

Need help with payroll? No problem! Payroller allows you to invite your accountant to the platform for free through Payroller Pro. This way, your accountant or agent can add and edit employees, create pay runs, and review your payroll reports for compliance.

This seamless collaboration ensures your accountant has easy access to your payroll data, while you benefit from their expertise.

Invite accountants on your payroll only software

Migrate from Xero to Payroller in 3 easy steps

Xero fees, Xero fuss—switch to Payroller today!

Based on 3027 reviews
Marika Martinez
Marika Martinez
25 June 2024
easy to use payroll system
Karen Coatsworth
Karen Coatsworth
28 May 2024
easy to use once set up
Barry Howat
Barry Howat
16 May 2024
Best app ever, works well very very easy to use recommend it for any one, Luv IT! Well done. Cheers Baz The Weed Terminator. Esperance WA.

Payroller Pricing



Timesheets & Rosters

Leave Management

Employee App

Payroll & STP on Mobile**

STP Phase 2 Enabled


$2.99/month per employee *

Timesheets & Rosters

Leave Management

Employee App

Payroll & STP on Mobile

Payroll & STP on Web

STP Phase 2 Enabled


Xero Integration


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Timesheets & Rosters

Leave Management

Employee App

Payroll & STP on Mobile

Payroll & STP on Web

STP Phase 2 Enabled


Xero Integration

* Based on 5 or more employees if paid yearly
** for app users who only run payroll for a single person

We've made payroll SO. DAMN. EASY.

Made by & designed for Australian small businesses.

Frequently asked questions about Payroller vs. Xero

Payroller’s focus on payroll management allows it to provide more detailed features, such as automated payroll tax calculations, time tracking for employees, and leave management.

One advantage of Payroller over Xero is its ease of use for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a simple and straightforward interface that makes payroll management easy, even for those without a background in accounting. Additionally, Payroller offers more affordable pricing plans, making it an attractive option for smaller businesses on a smaller budget.

Payroller offers a completely free plan for businesses with just 1 employee. This can be a significant advantage if you’re a sole trader or a small startup. On the other hand, Xero charges a minimum of $70 per month for access to payroll features for 1 employee.

If you have a small team with 2-3 employees, Payroller becomes even more attractive. They offer a promotional rate of 99 cents per employee per month for the first 3 months. This can be a great way to try out the service and see if it fits your needs. After the promotional period, Payroller charges a standard monthly fee per employee.

Payroller is designed to be accessible to both employers and accountants, but with a specific focus on empowering employers who might not have an accounting background. You don’t need to be a financial expert to navigate the system and handle essential payroll tasks, even without an accountant.

Ensuring compliance with ATO standards is crucial. Payroller helps you navigate these requirements with features like automated tax calculations and integration with superannuation clearing houses.

Unlike Xero’s per-employee pricing structure, Payroller’s Starter plan allows you to add as many employees as you need for a low monthly cost. This can be very cost-effective for businesses that are starting out or have a fluctuating number of employees.

With Payroller, you only pay for your additional employees, making it a budget-friendly option compared to Xero’s tiered pricing structure. For example, if you have 5 employees, you’d pay $4.95 ($0.99/mo/employee for the first 3 months) per month with Payroller, whereas Xero’s Comprehensive plan would cost $90 per month.

Payroller prioritizes seamless integration with widely-used accounting systems to streamline your workflow:

  • Xero
  • Myob (Coming Soon)

While integrations offer a great way to connect Payroller with existing accounting systems, it’s important to note that Payroller itself offers robust reporting features. This means you can generate detailed payroll reports directly within Payroller, providing valuable insights even without an external accounting system.