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How to edit taxes on a pay run in the Review section of Payroller

Learn how to edit taxes in the Review section of a pay run in Payroller with our simple guide below.

Please note that this Tax is calculated based on the conditions that have been entered on the employees’ card in the people section. If no TFN is added, then the system will calculate tax as though the employee does not have a TFN. To review this go to the tax setting of your employee card.

If you would like to permanently set the Tax for future pay runs go to the templates section on the employee card and tick Apply fixed tax and enter the fixed tax amount.

Once you create a pay run, enter the dates, finalise the Adjust section and you’ve clicked ‘Next’, you’ll be taken to the Review page.

In the tax column of the Review section, you’re able to edit the tax amount as needed.

If you pay an unusual amount of tax or you like to round up your tax, this is the place to change it.

Step 1: Select the amount

Creating pay runs - Edit tax in review on the pay run - 1

Step 2: Enter the amount of tax.

Edit the amount that you would like to change the tax to.

Creating pay runs - Edit tax in review on the pay run - 2

If you make a mistake on the tax and you would like to restore it back to the original figure you can select the reset icon on the left side of the employee.

Creating pay runs - Edit tax in review on the pay run - 3

Once you have finalised the pay run you will be able to see the changes to the Tax on the employee’s payslip.

Creating pay runs - Edit tax in review on the pay run - 4

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