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Try our free payslip template that meets Australian Fair Work requirements.  Check out the payslip example to the right and make your own!

Edit and customise employee payslips in minutes with our payslip template. 

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Australian payslip template

Benefits of using our Australian payslip template

Fair Work compliant payslip template

Your payslips meet all Fair Work payslip requirements with Payroller.  Avoid Fair Work penalties.  Our free payslip template automatically adds all necessary details.  

Send employee payslips with one click

Generate payslips for your employees is simpler with our payslip template.  Send your employees payslips straight from payroll. Select the required pay run and press Send.  Save time making payslips when you try our free payslip template.

Adjust to your needs

We get that everyone has different needs when it comes to payslips. That’s why we’ve made our free payslip template adjustable other than details necessary under Fair Work laws.  You can edit details including leave balances and your business name as needed. 

Download Australian payslip templates & print as you need

Once you’ve tried our free payslip template online, you can download and print payslips as you need. Learn how to send and/or download payslips in Payroller with our easy user guides.

Access payslips anywhere and anytime

Use our online payslip template anywhere and anytime to create your payslips. Use our Australian payslip template on any device with an internet connection including mobile app. You can also access your past history of payslip information in your Payroller account.

Adjust our templates of payslips for your business needs

Our free payslip template automates meeting Fair Work payslip requirements . Customise your payslips to suit your Australian business with the Payroller payslip template. 

Why choose us for your payslip needs?

Payroller is an ATO-approved Single Touch Payroll (STP) solution for Australian employers, accountants, tax agents and bookkeepers.

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Save Time

Automate pay & super calculations & sending employee payslips

A payslip template provides a starting base for you to customise employee payslips to meet your business needs. Payroller software offers a payslip template which you add your small business details, individual staff details and pay information to.

With Payroller, you can go a step further.  Send confidential wage slips securely to employees straight from your payroll.  

A payslip template benefits your small business by saving you time and ensuring that you comply with Australian business laws. However, using manual payslip templates in Word or Google Docs can be time-consuming and lead to errors.   

The Fair Work complaint payslip templates in Payroller prompt you to add the necessary pay, superannuation and employee information for your staff.  With just one click you can send payslips to your staff directly from your completed pay runs.  There’s no need to manually copy and paste sensitive employee pay information from your payroll.  Payroller is secure online software for payroll and payslip generation.

A good payslip template ensures that you add correct wage, superannuation, leave and entitlements information for individual employees. You can use Payroller software to make Fair Work compliant and accurate wage and salary slips for employees. Learn about what should be included on payslips and payslip templates with our small business tutorial.    

How does Payroller work?

Payroller is designed to make STP simple for small business employers. 

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