Is it free?

The PayRoller mobile app as well as timesheets, rosters, leave management, and the employee app are completely free. Fees apply to use the PayRoller web app, Xero integration, and to make super contributions through our integrated super clearing house.

Is this STP-compliant?

Yes, we have been STP approved by the ATO.

Does this work on desktop? Does this work on mobile?

Payroller syncs across desktop (Windows, MacOS) and mobile (iOS, Android).

Where are you located?

We’re located in Sydney.

I have 1-4 employees. Can I use this?

You can use Payroller for however little or many employees you have.

I made an error in my pay run. How can I amend it?

In Run Payroll, choose the required pay run and click Edit (blue pencil).

How do I use Payroller?

You can try and test it out for yourself by using the demo. We also have a number of tutorials and guides for accountants and small business owners.

Can I delete or deactivate employees?

Yes, if you go into their profile in People, you have the option to delete or deactivate them.

Can I use Payroller as a stand alone for STP?

Yes, you can.

Where can I find my software ID?

Go to Settings > STP Settings > Software ID

How do I add in accrued leave for my employees?

To add accrued leave, go to People and choose the relevant employee. Click on edit > Opening Balances and you can add leave balances as you need to.

How do I switch on STP?

Go to Settings > STP > Add in the details > Enable STP

Can I add multiple companies?

You can add multiple companies by signing up as an accountant. There you have access to an agent portal, so you can manage multiple company payroll at once. Don’t worry, it’s still free.

How can I change my password?

If you’re not logged in, you can change your password on the log in page by clicking Forgot Password. If you’re already in the program, go to Settings > Personal Settings > Reset Password.

How can I change the employee’s pay rate?

If you want to change the basis on which you pay your employees, go to People > Select the employee > Edit > Employment > Pay rate.

Is my data safe?

To get approved by the ATO we had to go through numerous checks to ensure we reach the required safety standards. You can feel comfortable knowing that your data is safe with us.

Is Payroller available in my country?

Payroller is currently only available in Australia but we do have plans to expand in the future!

How can I request a feature? There’s something I want but it’s not here.

If you have something that you would like to see on our site, you can make a feature request.

How do I change my email address?

Send us an email at with your current email and the new email and we’ll get it changed for you.

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