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Your small business staff can view payslips, request leave & more in one spot. Our  dedicated free employee mobile app connects employees to employers. 

Try Payroller for the easiest Single Touch Payroll system for small Australian businesses.

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Payroller employee app

How does Payroller work?

Payroller is designed to make STP simple for small business employers. 

Try Payroller for free as an Employer or accounting professional Agent
(accountant, bookkeeper or tax agent).

Benefits of our free Employee self-service mobile app

Easiest way to manage employees in your small business

Get organised and improve staff morale with the Payroller mobile app for employees.  Payroller connects managers and workers through our secure cloud payroll and HR software.  

As an employer, you must use single touch payroll software and provide payslips to comply with laws.  Payroller makes it simple to share pay details with employees and generate payslips from completed pay runs.

Then, you staff can view payslips in the free Payroller employee online mobile app for iOS or android.   Your staff can also make leave requests like sick leave, annual leave and more.  

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Best free employee management app for small business


Make our free employee self-service app part of your small business onboarding for employees.  Invite staff to use the free Payroller employee app.

Add your employees to our simple payroll system.  It’s easy to communicate PAYG payment summaries, payslips, leave & work schedules to employees.  

Your employees are more engaged when they have more visibility over workplace matters. Your staff can view year-to-date earnings including salaries and wages, superannuation contributions and more.

Who should use Payroller?

Payroller is the easiest STP & employee management solution for small businesses. 

Small business employers

Employers comply with STP laws, manage employees & make staff schedules with one solution.

Accountants & Bookkeepers

Accounting & tax agents can manage clients' payroll in our free Agent Portal.

Employees & contractors

Staff can use our free employee mobile app to view payslips, request leave & more!

STP & Payroll dummies

Payroller is the easiest self-service STP software for anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Payroller's HR mobile app for employees

Payroller is the easiest cloud employee management solution that includes a free HR mobile app for employees. Our employee mobile app helps improve communication between staff and employers. Your staff can accesss year-to-date wage payments and PAYG taxes, and view payslips.
Employees can also manage and request leave, view rostered shifts and more by downloading our free employee online app on iOS and android.
Employee mobile apps save your small business time by automating HR administrative tasks.
Payroller’s free HR mobile app for employees ensures real-time communication between your staff and small business managers
Your employees can stay informed around scheduled leave, attendance tracking, online rosters and shift management. Workers can also view payslips in one spot.
Our secure employee app integrates with the Payroller combined single touch payroll (STP) and small business HR system.