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Peter Lang
Peter Lang
23 November 2023
Does everything I need it to do... Perfect
Myra Whitney
Myra Whitney
8 November 2023
An excellent product - intuitive, streamlined and easy to use - and fairly priced for micro businesses trying to keep costs for mandatory reporting to a minimum. Responsive, friendly and detailed support when you need it.

Flexible payroll for casual employees

Streamline your payroll process for casual employees with Payroller software.  It’s simple to edit working hours, add overtime, change penalty rates and more.  

Payroll processing is faster with our automated pay and leave calculations.  Add or remove workers from your payroll for greater flexibility.  Payroller is ideal for managing a casual workforce where staffing requirements frequently change.  This includes seasonal busy periods.   


You can also make superannuation payments for your workers with Payroller’s integration with BEAM. 

Save time and meet Fair Work requirements. Generate payslips for casual workers straight from your payroll with one click. 

casual employees

85% of our users run their first payroll in under 15 minutes.

Payroll made accessible.

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ATO compliant

STP-approved by the Australian Tax Office (ATO)

Fast setup

Simplify and automate all your payroll and STP processes

Reliable reporting

Keep clear records of who’s been paid in real-time


Payroll & scheduling for casual employees from anywhere

With Payroller, it has never been easier to manage casual employee hours across locations.  Make pay runs in minutes on desktop or mobile including mobile app

You can track hours worked by casual employees from anywhere.  Your employees can give you permission to enable our real-time GPS.  Then you can get accurate records of actual work hours based on their location in the Employee mobile app

Your casual employees can see payslips, accept shifts and make leave requests with our dedicated Employee mobile app. Communicating with your busy casual workforce is simplified with Payroller.


Real-time payroll access for your accountant

Getting the payroll and accounting help you need is easiest when you connect your bookkeeper to your Payroller account.  Avoid manual and time-consuming payroll file transfers when you share your payroll with your accountant via our secure payroll solution.

Save time and improve communications with your accounting professional by signing up with Payroller today. 


STP approved by the ATO & used for thousands of casual staff

Any business that manages casual staff needs to have organised yet flexible payroll processes. Meet your legal obligations to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) with our STP (Single Touch Payroll) approved Payroller software. 

You don’t have to be an accounting or software expert to use Payroller.  Reduce your payroll management time with our user-friendly interface.  

Payroller offers simple online rostering, staff scheduling, timesheets and single touch payroll (STP) in one simple solution.   Our payroll system is low-cost and flexible for your casual workforce.  


Payroller is an STP-enabled software that automatically submits payroll information to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) – through a secure cloud network – whenever you perform a payrun. Payroller helps you to track, manage and record your payroll while safely sharing that information (and staying compliant) with the ATO.

As a truly one-stop payroll solution, you can manage staff roster, invite your accountant, bookkeeper or BAS agent and even make Super contribution (Beam) on Payroller.

Absolutely, you may share your account and even set different access permissions.

Only a few minutes. The majority of our customers get up and running within 15 minutes. If you do need more help in getting set up, simply reach out to our capable live agents and they will have you using Payroller like a seasoned user in no time. Check out our handy user guides.

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Single Touch Payroll (STP) is a mandatory Australian Taxation Office (ATO) initiative to reduce employers’ reporting obligations to government agencies. By using Payroller, it eliminates the need for manual reporting to the relevant government agencies, keeps your business compliant and streamlines all your payroll processes – error-free.

Find out more with our guide to Single Touch Payroll.

STP Phase 2 is the expansion of the ATO’s Single Touch Payroll reporting. Under these changes, you will no longer need to manually report information about your employees to multiple government agencies. If you are an existing Payroller user, you would have received instructions on how to transfer over to STP Phase 2. (If you did not, please contact our live agents to assist you.)

If you are a new user, your Payroller account will automatically be set on STP Phase 2 and all payruns will already be converted to the new reporting format.

Find out more with our guide to Single Touch Payroll (STP) Phase 2.

As the ATO continuously refines how STP will adapt to employers’ needs – you can rest assured that Payroller will remain STP-compliant with current and new requirements by the ATO.

“Try for free” allows you to discover if Payroller is the right software for you and your business before you commit to our platform. “Try for free” is cost and commitment-free and we do not require any credit card details to sign up. So give Payroller a try, it only takes a few minutes to get set up.

While the Payroller mobile app is completely free – fees will apply to use the Payroller web app, Xero integration, and to make super contributions through our integrated super clearing house (Beam).

Absolutely, use Payroller freely between devices as it syncs across desktop (Windows, MacOS) and mobile (iOS, Android) to ensure that all your data is consistent.

Yes we are. A cloud payroll software allows you to manage all the elements of payroll online – on mobile and desktop. That means you’ll be able to operate payroll processes, onboard new employees and manage staff rosters remotely as long as you have an internet connection.

STP-enabled Payroller automatically sends your employees’ tax and superannuation information to the ATO. You will not need to manually complete payment summaries and group certificates at the end of the financial year. Less paperwork, more time saved.

Yes, Payroller is integrated with Xero. By connecting your Xero account to Payroller, you can easily export and share payroll information cross-platforms.

Speaking to the community, we understand what agents and employers need from a cloud payroll solution. Payroller streamlines and uncomplicates your payroll processes. Our user-friendly software is why we’re rated exceptionally across devices and operating systems.

Experience the many benefits of Payroller for managing casual employees. Try it now for free!

Payroll made accessible.

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