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How to make a payslip for free

Need an Australian payslip example? Make easy payslips online that meet Fair Work requirements.  Edit, save and send payslips to your employees in one click from your payroll.

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Send easy payslips in one click with Payroller

Make wage & salary payslips online

Meet Fair Work requirements for your business in Australia. Send a payslip for salary online easily and straight from your payroll to employees.  Your business complies with both Fair Work and Australian Tax Office (ATO) laws when using our Single Touch Payroll software.

Run payroll & send payslips instantly

Forget using messy Excel templates or Google Sheets. Save time and automate sending payslips to staff. Make, preview and send payslips to your employees whenever you run your payroll. Our payslips have all the important details from your pay run including pay, superannuation and leave balances.

Easy payslips for your staff anytime, anywhere

Make pay runs and then send payslips to your staff on the go with our Payroller Employer mobile app. Access Payroller on different devices on both web app and mobile app. Your staff can also view their payslips, request leave and more on their own Employee mobile app for free.

Payslips built for small business

Thousands of Australian small businesses trust Payroller because it’s easy to use. Make customisable but compliant payslips online that also meet all legal requirements. Payroller payslips cover your business needs.Add your own business logo, show different leave types, and more with our payslips.

How does Payroller work?

Payroller is designed to make STP simple for small business employers. 

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(accountant, bookkeeper or tax agent).

Frequently Asked Questions about making payslips using Payroller

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Employers can issue easy and compliant payslips to employees with one click using Payroller straight from a completed pay run. Employee payslips can be emailed to workers or printed out.   Payroller makes it so simple to make, view and edit payslips which is ideal for self-employed businesses. 

It’s simple to show annual leave and sick leave balances on payslips using Payroller.  Navigate to Payslip settings on mobile app or web app.

Your employees can view payslips from your small business in our free Payroller employee mobile app. The Payroller self-service employee app also allows your workers to request and manage leave, view earnings & PAYG withholding, and manage rostered shifts with our integrated staff scheduling features.

YTD refers to ‘year-to-date’ and represents the total amount of earnings, deductions and PAYG taxes from the start of a financial year to the current pay period on a payslip.  In Australia, year-to-date or YTD amounts are the running totals or cumulative view from the 1 July or start of the financial year. Employee payslips usually list the following:YTD earnings are the total gross income earned by an employee from the start of a financial year to the current pay periodYTD deductions shows the total amount of deductions from the beginning of a financial year.YTD taxes or PAYG withholding represents the total amount of taxes that have been withheld from the employee’s pay from the start of the financial year.

In Australia, employers who don’t issue compliant payslips to employees can be subject to fines or infringement notices. The Fair Work Ombudsman may enforce various penalties particularly for repeat offenders and other Fair Work non-compliance issues like wage underpayments.

Yes, it’s simple to access the history of employee payslips or employee earnings & PAYG withholding in the ‘Payroll Activity Summary’.  Employers can log in to Payroller web app or mobile app and see records of any adjustments made in the ‘Finalise STP’ screen of previous pay runs. Follow the steps below:Step 1: Log in to 2: Select ‘Reports’.Step 3: Select ‘Payroll Activity Summary’.Step 4: Select the employee and select the period.Step 5: Select ‘View’.Step 6: Select the download icon or the print icon on the top right to download or print.Your employees can also view their payslips conveniently in a dedicated employee mobile app.