Free online rostering software

Online staff scheduling software helps small businesses manage and communicate work schedules to employees. 

Our free staff scheduling and rostering solution connects staff and managers.  Employers can make use Payroller to make online rosters anywhere, anytime.  

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How does Payroller rostering software work?

Make staff rosters in minutes

Create rosters & assign shifts to your staff. See how many people are working each day, for how long and how much it will cost you.

Assign shifts to workers from anywhere

Publish & edit work schedules on the go using web app & mobile app with real-time syncing

Staff scheduling & payroll in one system

Streamline staff scheduling from rosters, to timesheets and single touch payroll with Payroller

Benefits of Payroller's free online rostering software

Save time with the easiest staff scheduling system for small business

Sick of dealing with spreadsheets for manual staff scheduling? Manage work schedules for casual, part-time, seasonal and contractor employees.  

Automate staff scheduling with the easiest rostering software from Payroller. Employers can add shifts and share automated rosters with employees in minutes. You can even set recurring shifts for particular staff.

Faster communication around work schedules with employees

Team communication between employees and managers is centralised in one simple rostering system for easier staff coordination.  As an employer, you can assign shifts to workers from anywhere using Payroller web and mobile app.   

Staff can accept or decline rostered shifts in our free employee scheduling app. Employers can reassign shifts to ensure proper staffing and avoid disruptions.

Boost employee satisfaction in your small business

It’s easier to stay connected to your staff. Invite your employees to our free work scheduling app. Your workers can self-manage rostered shifts, log actual work hours and submit timesheets for your approval. 


Staff scheduling & payroll from anywhere

The best part of our online rostering software? Payroller takes care of all things related to managing employees from automated rosters to accurate small business payroll.  Actual work hours for employees flow from accepted rostered shifts, then approved timesheets, to new pay runs.

Get an all-in-one time tracking, timesheet and payroll solution with Payroller.  Sign up for online payroll and rostering system in one solution.  

How does Payroller work?

Payroller is designed to make STP simple for small business employers. 

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(accountant, bookkeeper or tax agent).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Payroller free rostering system

Payroller software provides the easiest staff scheduling and work roster templates for small businesses.  Our software includes staff roster templates that guide you through customising your work schedules online. 

Try Payroller for free and find out why thousands of small businesses trust our simple solution for everything you need to manage small business employees including payroll and work scheduling.

Employers can make rosters and add rostered shifts for specific employees using the Payroller online rostering system.  Employers should sign up or log into their Payroller account and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Roster section and then click the ‘Add Shifts’ button
  2. Select the relevant employee that you want to add a shift for
  3. Enter the employee’s start and finish times for each rostered shift
  4. Add any meal or rest breaks, and add any notes for your worker/s
  5. You can save time with rostering by setting recurring shifts including on a weekly basis.
  6. Review your
  7. roster.  You can publish new rosters or update existing rosters.
  8. Select which employees that you want to send rostered shifts to.  Your workers can see new rosters and updates to work schedules in the Payroller staff rostering app
Employers can manage staff scheduling from anywhere.  Log in to your Payroller account and navigate to the Rosters section where you can view draft and published rosters. You can add, edit or delete rostered shifts using our online rostering software.  

Payroller online rostering improves communication between managers or employers, and employees in a business.  When you publish a rostered shift change, your employees can be instantly notified.  Send published work schedules and roster changes to employees.  Your workers can accept or reject rostered shifts in our free rostering app.

As an employer, you save time when you can see staff scheduling in one spot.  Know when employees accept or reject work shifts.  This means that you can reallocate shifts and ensure your small business is properly staffed.

Yes, Payroller is the easiest all-in-one scheduling, timesheets and single touch payroll solution for Australian businesses.  Firstly, employers can schedule shifts for employees using our rostering system.   Employers and managers can make timesheets for their workers.  Then, managers and employers can automatically generate pay runs based on timesheets with one click.