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All businesses with at least 1 employee need to report salary, PAYG and Super information to the ATO.  
Payroller is the easiest small business solution to report Single Touch Payroll (STP).
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How does Payroller work?

Payroller is designed to make STP simple for small business employers. 

Try Payroller for free as an Employer or accounting professional Agent
(accountant, bookkeeper or tax agent).

Who should use the Payroller mobile app?

Payroller is the easiest STP solution for any employer. 
Staff can access a free employee mobile app to view payslips, request leave and more!  Accountants, bookkeepers and tax agents can manage many clients with the Agent Portal.  


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Benefits of Payroller free mobile app for STP

Save time & do STP from anywhere

Make pay runs and report STP from anywhere with our free STP mobile app.  Our STP mobile app automates PAYG, super and tax calculations.  Simply set up your employees, customise your pay run details and run payroll in minutes. 


payroller free stp app

Best payroll app for freelancers & small business

Payroller is the best STP app because it’s simple for small businesses.  There’s no need for payroll specialists when you can do STP by yourself. 

Find out why Payroller is loved by thousands of freelancers, micro-employers and small businesses in Australia.  

Flexible payroll with real-time syncing across devices

Make pay runs on our STP app and web app with Payroller’s full feature plan for employers.  

Need to save or print on your computer? Reporting STP is more convenient when you sync your data and payroll across any device.  Try the full feature version of Payroller for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Payroller STP Mobile App

STP mobile apps make it simple to submit STP to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) from anywhere. Use an STP approved mobile app like Payroller. This ensures your business complies with mandatory single touch payroll (STP) reporting laws. The STP mobile app by Payroller, is free to use and your payroll data can sync with web app across all devices. Payroller mobile app is the best all-in-one solution for STP, payslips and employee management.

Payroller STP mobile app is free for employers. Our free mobile app is perfect for micro-employers, freelancers and small businesses. Anyone can make pay runs and report single touch payroll (STP) to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) on the go. Read our user guides for using Payroller on mobile app as a small business.
Download our free STP mobile app for employers on ios and android, and sign up to Payroller today.
With our affordable full feature version of Payroller, your data syncs in real-time across any devices. Access your payroll, payslips and more on web app and mobile app.
Your staff can also download our free dedicated Employee mobile app. It’s simple to improve communications between employers or managers, and employees.