Free timesheet app for small business

Know actual hours worked by employees, freelancers and contractors with the easiest timesheet and time tracking app by Payroller.

Employers and employees can use the best timesheet app to make timesheets from anywhere.  

Workers can log work hours with our employee time tracking app and make timesheets with one click.   

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How does the free Payroller timesheets app work?

Free employee time tracking app

Staff can clock in & out of rostered shifts

Easiest employee timesheet app

Employers & workers can make timesheets based on actual work hours

Run payroll from approved timesheets

All data is synced across mobile app & web app. Approve timesheets & make pay runs with one click.

Benefits of Payroller free timesheet app for small businesses

Know that you're paying employees correctly

Have confidence that you’re not overpaying or underpaying employees.  Workers can clock in and out of rostered shifts using our free employee time tracking app. 

Workers can add meal or rest breaks and record overtime hours.  Create timesheets in seconds with a few taps or instantly based on employees’ work hour logs.

Resolve pay queries with the best employee time tracking and timesheet app

Employers can make and see timesheets in one spot for easy reference.  Get accurate timesheets that record work hours logged by employees.  This is ideal for small businesses that manage casual, part-time, contractor, remote & freelance workers.  With Payroller, you and your workers are on the same page to better avoid pay disputes.   

Streamlined timesheets and payroll

Payroller helps you take care of work scheduling and timesheets for employees from anywhere with our employee timesheet app.  Payroller streamlines the payroll process from timesheets to pay run.  Any employer can make STP pay runs direct from approved timesheets.  

Easiest reporting for employee work hours

Customise work hour reports for employee record-keeping and for client billing when managing contractors or freelancers.  Your employee timesheets sync across our mobile app and Payroller timesheets on web.

Best free time tracking app for employees, freelancers and contractors

Our work scheduling app is the easiest way to plan work days for employees, contractors & freelancers.  Track working hours as a freelancer and clock in and out of rostered shifts with our work log app for staff.   

Your mobile work schedule

 Plan work days by viewing & managing upcoming shifts in one spot. It’s easier to communicate to your manager from one app, and accept or decline rostered shifts.   

Log actual work hours

Clock in and out using our employee time clock app.  Log time worked with just two simple taps on your phone. It’s faster to manage expectations with your manager with our time tracking app.   

Quick timesheets

Freelancers and workers can submit timesheets in seconds from work logs.  This helps minimise any disputes over actual hours worked.  

How does Payroller work?

Payroller is designed to make STP simple for small business employers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Payroller timesheet app

Our free timesheets app takes care of your small business staffing needs from making rosters, tracking work hours and creating employee timesheets

It’s the best all-in-one staff scheduling app for freelancers and small businesses. 

Our timesheet and time tracking app is completely free to use. Employers and workers can both enjoy our simple app for timesheets without any charges or subscription fees. Download the free employee scheduling app for iPhone and iOS, or for Android devices.

Use our free employee timesheet app to track employee attendance and hours worked.
Employees can clock in and out of their scheduled shifts within the app. This provides accurate records of their work hours and accounts for overtime hours.

Yes, as an employer, you can review and approve timesheets submitted by employees.

Go to the “Timesheets” section, review the details of each timesheet, and click the “Approve” button to confirm.

Employees can submit their timesheets for employer approval in our free timesheets app. 

Navigate to the “Timesheets” section and click on the desired timesheet. Enter work hours and click “Submit.”