Learn how to add a new employee in Payroller

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Learn how to add your employees to Payroller with our useful guide.

Watch our simple video tutorial below to be on your way to creating your first pay run.

Alternatively, follow our easy steps below.

There are two ways you can add your employees

Add an employee manually

Step 1: For your first employee select ‘Add your employee’

For any additional employees, you will need to add them from the people section on the left-hand side and select ‘+New Employee’

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 1

Step 2: Fill out your Employee details and select ‘Next’

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 2

Step 3: Fill out the Employment details for your employee.

These details include

  • Start Date: When the employee first started their employment

  • Employment type: Full-time, part-time or casual

  • Status of residence: Australian Resident, Foreign resident, Working Holiday

  • Income Type: Salary and Wages, Closely Held Payees, Seasonal Worker Programme

  • Home Country This applies to Working Holiday residents

Select ‘Next’ when you’re ready.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 3

Step 4: Fill out the ‘Pay details’ for your employee which includes the following:

  • Weekly work hours

  • Leave loading (for part-time and full-time workers),

  • Casual loading (for casuals),

  • The pay rate.

If you employ casual staff, please enter weekly work hours. You can edit weekly work hours in individual pay runs.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 4

You will also need to indicate whether your employee is a ‘Payroll and roster’ employee or a ”Roster only, not payroll’ employee.

  • ‘Payroll and roster’ employees require an active seat on a paid standard subscription and will be charged once the employee is created

  • ‘Roster only, not payroll’ employees do not require an active seat on subscriptions.

If you have a paid subscription and you select ‘Payroll and roster’ and complete the employee onboarding, your subscription will be updated if no empty paid seats are available and your card charged automatically. If you do not wish to be charged for this employee please select ‘Roster only, not payroll’. You can change this employee status to active at a later stage when you are ready.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 5

Step 5: Invite your employee to fill out the rest of their details themselves via an email invitation or you, as their employer can add your employees manually.

Step 5a (Optional): If you choose to invite your employee to setup select ‘Invite your employee’.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 6

Your employee will receive an email to set up their account like the one below.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 7

Step 6: If you choose to add the details manually, please select ‘Add Manually’.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 8

Step 7: Enter your employee’s Residential address and select one of the options from the drop-down menu

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 9
Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 10

Select ‘Next’ when you’re ready.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 11

Step 8: Fill out your employee’s Tax details

These details include your employee’s:

  • Date of birth

  • Tax file number (TFN) – Select ‘No tax file number?’ and ‘No tfn quoted’ if your employee does not have a TFN. If no TFN is added, then the system will calculate tax as though the employee does not have a TFN.

  • Any other additional information for your employee including:

    • Claim a tax-free threshold

    • Has a study and training loan

    • Is a Horticulturalist or Shearer

    • Has a child support obligation

It’s important that all of these are correct as they will affect how much tax the system calculates.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 12

Select ‘Next’ when you’re ready.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 13

Step 9: Enter your employee’s Payment details

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 14

Select ‘Cash’ or ‘Bank’ as the Payment Method.

If you select ‘Bank’, please enter your employee’s bank details.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 15

If this is something that you and your employees are not comfortable with, you can switch to the cash option.

The Cash payment method is not reported to the ATO.

However, if you want to use Payroller to create and download an ABA file, you will need your employee’s Bank Account details.

Step 9: You can also invite your employee to add their employee Super Fund

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 16

Alternatively, you can enter your employee’s super details manually by unticking the option to ‘Send the superannuation form to my employee’.

You can enter your employee’s super details manually by filling in the following details:

  • Type of super fund (regulated or self-managed)

  • Contribution rate

  • Super company (search from available options) – If the super company does not appear from available options, you can skip this part. However, please notify us of the preferred super fund at hello@payroller.com.au so we can help you get it added.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 17

Click ‘Complete’ when you’re ready.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 18

Your first employee has now been entered into Payroller!

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 19

Follow this same process to add additional employees.

Next, create your first pay run with our easy guide.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 20

Bulk import your employee

If you have many employees you may want to use our bulk import employee feature.

Step 1: Select ‘People’.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 21

Step 2: Select ‘Import employees’.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 22

Step 3: Select ‘Download Excel Template for Employees

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 23

Step 4: Fill out the template as required.

If you make a mistake on this form please do not fret as you can edit the details once it has been uploaded.

If there is information that you are missing please feel free to leave it blank or copy the example field to edit later.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 24

Step 5: Save it as a CSV file.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 25

Step 6: Upload the CSV file.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 26

Step 7: Ensure there are no errors and click ‘Import’.

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 27

The employees have now been added

Quick Overview - Adding Employees - 28

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