Payroller timesheets and rostering product feature launch

Managing who’s working when and how much they get paid has never been this easy.

Payroller has timesheets and online rostering features so you can manage payroll and staff scheduling from one software.

In Payroller, you can set a roster and schedule which employees are working when and for how long.

Staff scheduling in Payroller for Employers

The following features are now live in the employer web app and mobile app:
  • Set, edit and publish rosters
  • Notify staff of rostered shift changes via email or through the Payroller Employee mobile app
  • Create timesheets and generate pre-filled pay runs from timesheets with actual worked hours
  • Approve, delete or reject timesheets made by employees through the Payroller Employee mobile app
  • Copy and paste shifts in rosters
  • Display changes in roster status including accepted, published and declined shifts
  • Enable GPS with your employees’ permission so location detailed can be added to completed shifts
  • Display leave in the roster view
  • Set and edit roster start dates (Settings > organisation settings > schedule details > roster details)
  • Notification bell on the top right of the page that shows accepted and rejected shifts

Staff scheduling in Payroller Employee Mobile app


The features below are available in the Payroller Employee mobile app:
  • Clock in and out of rostered shifts set by employers
  • Workers can allow GPS to be enabled.
  • Accept or decline rostered shifts
  • Add notes to shifts and details about rest breaks
  • Edit rostered shift start time and end time
  • Summary of rostered shifts with a ‘Roster view’
  • Notifications for employees around rostered shift changes including cancellations
  • Notifications for employees for timesheet status changes including Timesheets being accepted, rejected or changed
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Work schedules & time tracking with Payroller