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Superannuation summaries in Payroller – new feature

Managing superannuation information is a hard task for busy small business owners.

As an employer, you need to keep track of how much superannuation you need to pay to employees and make super payments to an employee’s nominated super fund.  

We’ve added superannuation summaries to the Reports section of the Payroller Web App to make it easier for you to pay superannuation.

In the superannuation summary, you get an overview of your employees’ superfunds and the payments you make.

You can adjust the time period of the report to the last week, month, or quarter or you can customise the date range.

You can also download the summary for all your employees or for a single employee.

The summary is available to download now in the Reports section in either PDF or CSV format.

Thanks for all your fantastic feature requests and feedback! You can request more updates and features to help us improve Payroller even more.

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