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Everything you need to know about Payroller subscriptions

When the founder of Payroller decided to launch Payroller two and a half years ago, he wanted to solve the problems he faced as a small business owner.
Managing payroll, superannuation, and STP were difficult, complex, and expensive for small Australian businesses. The Payroller team are extremely proud that we have been able to support over 25,000 businesses with their payroll and transition to STP.
For the past two years, we have worked hard to keep our platform free. Government regulations and the introduction of the second stage of Single Touch Payroll (STP Phase 2) is increasing the demands on Payroller. Like your own business, we have to cover the costs of running the platform in order to provide you with our service.
We have asked for feedback on pricing so we could continue to make Payroller affordable for small businesses.  From Tuesday 2 November 2021,  Payroller has introduced subscription fees to access Payroller on Web.
As many of our users are small businesses, we have kept the Payroller mobile app free, as well as timesheets and rostering.

Payroller subscription plans

 We believe our products provide value to our customers.  You have a choice between the following plans:

Payroller subscription plans


All pricing is in AUD and includes GST.
Your Payroller subscription gives you full access to all of the features in Payroller in Web and mobile app. 
Features include:
We’re committed to hearing your feedback. If you have any feedback about Payroller, you can submit it here.

Payroller subscription FAQs

Like you, we have staff to pay, running costs and plans to grow. We’re proud of how our company has grown over the last two and a half years.  We have supported countless small businesses and their moves to Single Touch Payroll (STP). We believe our products provide value to our customers and that we offer a cost-effective STP-compliant solution for small businesses in Australia.

A: Payroller Standard subscription fees are based on the number of active employees in a month. 
You can choose to be billed annually or monthly. You will pay the equivalent of $1.99 per employee per month on an Annual subscription or $3.99 per employee per month with a Monthly subscription.  Please note that minimum spend requirements may apply.  

Payroller subscriptions give you full access to all of our features across any device including web app and mobile app.  To get the same range of features from a different software provider, you may have to purchase up to 3 different subscriptions.  Payroller provides an affordable payroll and HR solution that goes beyond STP reporting. 

When you add a new client to Payroller, you can send them an invite to set up their billing details.  Learn how to change who pays (Client pays, or Agent pays) for your client’s Payroller subscription with our easy user guide.

Yes, you can choose to pay for your clients’ Payroller subscription on behalf of your clients.  Follow our handy user guide to sign up for a Payroller subscription on behalf of a client as an Agent
Read a more extensive overview of Subscription FAQs around the full feature version of Payroller.

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Why use Payroller? Our cloud payroll is ideal for small businesses to run single touch payroll (STP) easily. It’s simple and cost-effective. 
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