How to choose the best Single touch payroll system

Small business employers in Australia must meet single touch payroll (STP) reporting requirements under Australian Tax Office (ATO) laws.  It’s important to select a cloud payroll software that is STP compliant and also suits your small business needs.

Things to consider when choosing a STP system

Consider the following questions and prioritise what factor/s are most important to you.

Does the STP system have features you need?

Any Australian employer is legally required to use reliable single touch payroll (STP) approved software.  Basic STP software includes automated payroll processing, STP reporting and calculations of PAYG withholding, tax and superannuation. 

Payroller software has these basic STP reporting functions.  Payroller is a low-cost STP software provider that not only meets Australian business laws but helps you save time with all things related to employee administration. You can also make and send payslips direct from payroll, manage leave, make superannuation contributions and more.  Access all features on web and Payroller mobile app


Is the STP system too costly for my small business needs?

It’s important to determine your budget and consider upfront costs of STP cloud software.  Often large accounting packages have features that you don’t need as a freelancer, micro-employer or small business. Payroller provides STP compliant systems designed for sole traders, microbusinesses and small businesses.  

This is also why we have included useful features for small business.  Our features include employee payslip generation, superannuation payment functions via our BEAM integration, timesheets, rostering and more. 

How do I know if a STP system is easy-to-use as a small business?

One of the major concerns as a small business in Australia is finding the time to run payroll and fulfill STP & other compliance requirements.  Payroller is loved by thousands of Australian businesses for being simple to set up and use.  Our proof? Check out our testimonials and the 4.9 star rating from over 2,800 Google reviews.  

Additionally, you can invite your accountant, bookkeeper or tax agent to help you manage your payroll on your behalf using the free Payroller agent portal.

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