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Request & vote for features that you want in Payroller

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to make Payroller better.

So, we’ve set up a feature request button that you can access here or on our homepage.

If there’s a feature that you’d love to see or you think that we’re missing something, put in a request and we’ll try our best to get it up and running. All ideas are welcome!

You can also vote for features that have already been requested. That way we’ll know what you need most.

We will be tracking these requests and have a roadmap to show so you can see what’s currently in progress or planned.

As a direct result of the feedback and support of our Payroller users, we have launched many new features including the following:

Employer Mobile app

Employer Web app

Agents (accountants, bookkeepers & BAS/Tax agents)

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Payroll resources for small business employers

Tools to help accountants & tax agents manage client payroll