Learn how to remove the $450 monthly super guarantee threshold in a payrun with Payroller

Learn how to remove the $450 monthly super guarantee threshold in a pay run with our simple guide below.

This feature has been removed from pay runs with payment dates on the 1st of July 2022 and beyond

For employees earning under $450 a month super threshold, super will not be calculated until they reach above this threshold.

If your employee earns over $450 a month on the next pay run, then the super will start automatically calculating on the pay run.

If you would like the system to calculate super on pay runs for employees that have less than $450 earning on a pay run, select super on the pay run and tick the ‘Remove $450 monthly super guarantee threshold’, and super will begin calculating on their earnings regardless of this threshold.

Creating pay runs - Removing the $450 Super guarantee threshold on the pay run - 1

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