5 most common payroll challenges faced by construction organisations

Common Payroll Challenges Faced by Construction Organisations

Construction payroll management can be challenging for even the most experienced accounting and payroll professionals. Construction projects are complex and have different staffing requirements.  

What are common payroll challenges for construction businesses?

Common payroll challenges faced by businesses in the Australian construction industry include:
  • Ensuring that you’re paying skilled labourers and contractors on time
  • Adjusting wages to meet award rate requirements for different construction skills.  Different states have different minimum wage rates for various skilled labour jobs. 
  • Spending a lot of time reconciling manual paper records when managing employee information. 

Payroller has tools in our shed that help you get ahead of these payroll challenges.

Make your construction payroll process easier by following our tips below.

Improve communication with construction staff


Make sure your employees can view information around their wages, tax, paid time off, sick leave, deductions and entitlements.  Empower your staff to access payslips, request leave and more with their own employee mobile app from Payroller.  This builds trust with your workers, provides clarity, and boosts employee morale. 

Juggling multiple requests from employees around pay can take a lot of time and energy.  Better pay transparency leads to fewer emails and calls around administrative matters like pay When payroll processes run smoothly, employees are happier, and more likely to stay.  

Streamline timesheets & payroll

Payroller software includes the easiest timesheets solution.  Construction project managers and field supervisors can view hours worked by employees with Payroller timesheets app.  Your construction business can reconcile hours worked by construction workers and allocate them to particular projects.  With the permission of your employees, you can enable the Payroller GPS feature to ensure workers are at the right work site.  Employees can submit timesheets for your approval wherever they area.   

With one click in Payroller, you can make a pay run from an approved timesheet with pre-filled work hours. 

Save time with self-service tools 


Without a dedicated payroll or specialist, important human resources (HR) tasks like tracking employee hours worked and paid time off can be challenging.   Any employer can use Payroller as self-service software to fulfil your HR and payroll needs for builders.  Our user-friendly interface is one of the many reasons why construction businesses across Australia love using Payroller to simplify employee management.    

Automate payroll processes for construction

Payroll involves a lot of record-keeping, so eliminating human error from the equation is a good idea. Automated payroll calculations ensure accurate payroll and wage processing.  You can also easily generate ABA bank files in Payroller for less manual wage payments. 

More efficient payroll for seasonal workers & construction contractors 

Many construction organisations hire seasonal workers to meet fluctuations in workload throughout the year. Payroll for contractors can be challenging as they may have different pay rates and irregular work hours. It is simple to keep track of your construction sub-contractors and seasonal workers using Payroller’s simple employee management system.

Try our easy payroll solution for construction & trades

You don’t need any payroll or accounting background to easily make pay runs as a tradie, construction worker or builderTry out Payroller for free today.  Thousands of Australian small businesses trust Payroller for simple and fast payroll.


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