How to make a timesheet for your small business

A timesheet is a document that records the number of hours an employee has worked within a specific time period. Employee timesheets are vital to managing employees as a small business. 

Staff timesheets are a record of employee attendance and working hours.  Timesheets for employees are important for calculating wages and ensuring accurate payroll processing. Regularly reviewing timesheet reports can help a business measure the return on investment of employee work hours and capacity.

Using timesheets offers numerous advantages for small business owners including the following:

1. Comply with legal requirements to record employee hours.  

All employers in Australia must keep records of time and wages for at least 7 years under the Fair Work Act 2009. Using a timesheet maker like Payroller’s STP software helps small businesses track employee attendance and work hours for calculating single touch payroll and superannuation.

2. Accurate Payroll Processing.

Employee timesheets provide a detailed record of staff work hours. This ensures accurate payroll processing.  By minimising errors in pay and wage calculations, you’re more likely to pay employees fairly.

3. Manage small business staffing efficiently.

Timesheets for employees help you monitor employee attendance, track overtime hours and identify patterns in productivity.

Keeping employee timesheets helps effective workforce management. Small businesses can make more informed decisions around people management and scheduling.

4. Compliance with employment laws.

Providing accurate timesheets to employees ensures your small business’ compliance with minimum wage requirements, overtime rules and other labour laws. Employee timesheets act as evidence of hours worked which is valuable documentation in the event of a labour dispute or government audit. 

5. Promotes transparency with employees.

Having a timesheet system means that employees are accountable for their work hours. Timesheets encourage staff members to accurately review their work hours before submitting for manager approval.  Staff timesheets can be an important communication tool between small business owners or managers and their employees.

Make a timesheet for your employees with a simple timesheet maker like Payroller using our simple guide below. 

1. Access Payroller’s Timesheets.

Sign up or log in to your Payroller account and navigate to the Timesheets section. It’s simple to add a timesheet in web app with our user guide.

2. Customize our timesheet template.

Payroller’s timesheets feature provides a timesheet template that you can customise to suit your business needs.  Our software provides a template with all the necessary information to make employee timesheets like employee details, work dates, start and end times, breaks, and more. Our timesheets capture all the necessary data for accurate record-keeping in your small business.

3. Fill in and make an employee timesheet.

Enter employee work hours on your staff members’ behalf. Alternatively, employees can use the free timesheet app to fill in their hours directly and submit for manager approval. 

4. Review and approve employee timesheets.

It’s important to review employee timesheets and approve any timesheets submitted directly by employees. 

As the business owner or manager, you have the ability to review and verify the accuracy of the recorded hours. This step ensures that the timesheets are error-free and ready for payroll processing.

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