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5 simple steps to submit STP in Payroller

Learn how to enable Single Touch Payroll (STP) in Payroller and submit STP reports easily with our quick video tutorial below.

Alternatively, follow our 5 simple steps to enable STP in Web below:

Step 1:  Sign up to Payroller or log in to your Payroller account
Step 2: Go into the Settings section in the left-hand panel.
Step 3: Click on ‘STP Settings’.  A form will appear, fill out as needed and click ‘Enable STP’.
Step 4: Once you’ve enabled STP, a STP lodgement declaration pop-up will appear in Payroller anytime you complete a pay run. Click ‘Submit‘ when you’re ready to submit STP.
Step 5: To lodge an STP report for an old pay run, select the needed pay run and click ‘Report STP‘.

If you need more help setting up STP in Payroller, please refer to our more detailed tutorial. 

Need more help using Payroller?

Check out our simple user guides for more useful tutorials on how to use Payroller.  You can also contact our support team using the chatbox in the right bottom corner.

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