What Is A Payroll Number?

Payroll is one of the most important aspects of a company. Payroll systems ensure employers can compensate employees accordingly for the hard work done. After all, employees are what makes any company run.

Payroll can drastically affect a business’s financial stability and impact staff morale.  Payslip and pay check errors are largely unacceptable.  Errors can affect how employees trust their employers.

Good payroll needs to run on time so that employees are paid in a timely way. Payroll also needs to be complete.  Having payroll numbers for employees can help this. Try out our STP-compliant online software for free and make running payroll simple across your business. 


Payroll numbers are unique codes filled with numbers or letters. These are used by companies to easily identify employees using robust payroll systems.

Payroll numbers can serve as an added layer of protection and security to ensure every employee has been compensated. 
Companies increasingly ensure that employees are tracked efficiently using their payroll ID numbers.

There is no doubt that payroll numbers must be treated with caution.  Payroll numbers link may link to employees’ important personal information including name, contact details, job description, salary, and more. It’s safe to say that this information is confidential and must be handled with care, even in internal payroll reports.

The good thing about payroll numbers is that it limits the amount of personal information that might be at risk in data breaches.  This is crucial when compensating global teams.

Payroll numbers are different to payroll tax account numbers.  These terms are two different elements in a payroll.  Payroll numbers are used to tag or identify employees, while payroll tax accounts are used by the local tax authority to identify the person working.

A payroll number is a unique identifier for each employee used to process their wages and salary. It’s typically associated with the employee’s name and can be found on a payslip, a document that summarises how much an employee has earned.

It may always appear differently depending on the company. Typically, it can be found beside the name of the employee.

To find your payroll number, you should check with your employer or HR department to see if they know what it is. If they don’t have it on hand, they may be able to look up your records in their HR database and provide it for you.

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