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The way farmers pay their employees

Payroll for farms and agribusinesses in Australia may seem challenging especially when you don’t have accounting or payroll expertise. Seasonal workers on visas or sponsorships can seem complex.  
In our guide below, we cover things to consider when it comes to organising payroll for farmers and agricultural businesses.


5 things to consider for your farm’s payroll


Award rates and employment agreements

The award rate and employment agreement of an agribusiness and farm may differ from that of another industry. You should ensure that you are paying your employees correctly and in accordance with their awards or agreements. Payroller calculates wages and salaries for contractors or seasonal employees.

Seasonal workers


It is common for farms to hire seasonal workers to help with planting, harvesting, and other tasks associated with their farm. It is important to understand your obligations when it comes to paying seasonal workers since they may be paid differently from full-time or part-time employees.  Using payroll for casual staff like Payroller gives you flexibility to add, remove and manage employees depending on busy and low periods.

Piecework arrangements


A piecework system is sometimes used on farms, meaning employees are paid according to the amount of work they complete. It can be challenging to calculate payroll accurately in these cases.  Employees should keep accurate records of work completed and be paid according to their piecework agreement.



Agricultural businesses and farms are required to pay superannuation to their eligible employees as with any other industry. Make sure that you calculate and pay your superannuation properly and on time to maintain your employees’ confidence in you as an employer.



Payslips, payment summaries, and tax receipts must be maintained accurately just as in any other industry. Making sure you comply with payroll tax and other compliance requirements to avoid penalties.


Running agribusiness payroll & paying farm staff

For payroll software trusted by small businesses who employ casual and seasonal workers, try Payroller for free.  It’s simple to make pay runs, send payslips and pay your farm workers in one system ideal for agribusiness

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