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Make super contributions with Payroller’s new partner, BEAM

Looking for a way to make your super contributions within Payroller?

We’ve partnered with Beam. All of your employee payroll, superannuation and STP reporting requirements can be managed through Payroller.

BEAM is a product designed to save you time when processing super contributions in Payroller.
At Payroller, we believe in making payroll as smooth as possible and our partnership with Beam does just that.
There’s no need for third-party portals and file uploads with Beam and Payroller. We make it possible to calculate, process and submit super contributions all in the one place.
Super contributions are beamed to all employees’ super funds in a single batch. You’ll be alerted of any errors before you submit. Also, you’ll receive notifications so you can track your contributions every step of the way. There are four key benefits of using Payroller for payroll and super:

1. Super and payroll in one place

Beam does away with data extracts, external portals and paperwork. Super will be calculated and tracked when you record employees’ pay. When super is due, simply include payments to all super funds in a single batch.

2. Fast payments with multiple payment options

Super contributions are loaded in a single batch and sent to your employees’ super fund without data extracts or visits to external portals. Beam offers payment contributions through BPay and direct deposit.

3. Notifications

Contribution data is validated prior to submitting to reduce exceptions. You’ll also receive contribution and payment notifications which will allow tracking every step of the way. There’s comprehensive payment history and error handling available to you, so you’ll never lose a payment.

4. Secure payments

The privacy of your information and your employees’ information is important to us. Beam has multiple layers of security to protect your information.
Learn how to set up and submit super payments via BEAM and Payroller with our simple user guide.
Alternatively, check out the video tutorial below to see how you can make super contributions with Beam and Payroller.

The information about Beam on this page is provided by Precision. Payroller does not provide financial product advice and does not recommend any particular clearing house provider.

Beam is issued by Precision Administration Services Pty Ltd (ABN 47 098 977 667, AFSL No. 246 604).

Visit for more information. Consider the PDS before making a decision.

Precision is wholly owned by Sunsuper Pty Ltd ABN 88 010 720 840, AFSL No. 228 975 as Trustee for the Sunsuper Superannuation Fund (ABN 98 503 137 921).

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