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Terms and Conditions - Payroller price lock-in

What is the Promotion?

Existing Payroller Subscribers are invited to lock-in their subscription price for the Lock-In Period. In order to participate you must complete the Lock-In Process within the Promotional Period. After the Promotional Period the updated prices on Payroller will apply.
How does the Promotion work?
With the 1 May 2024 price change coming, we encourage our Payroller customers to take advantage of this exclusive offer to lock-in their subscription price for the next 12 months.
The Lock-In Process is when an Eligible Customer clicks the banner in their account, chooses and confirms the price shown on the screen, and makes a successful payment. If you are eligible, the banner will be visible in your Payroller account on It will say:

Price changes are coming. Lock-in your savings today by clicking here.
Promotional Period runs until 30 April 2024 11:59:59 pm AEST.
The Lock-In Period is 12 months from the date you complete the Lock-In Process.
You are buying a new subscription for the Lock-In Period. Any subscription period remaining on your current subscription will be pro-rated and a discount applied when you make payment. If you are a monthly subscriber, this means you will convert to an annual subscription.
This subscription will automatically renew at the subscription renewal date at the then prevailing subscription price unless you change or cancel before your renewal date.
When does the promotion run?
The Promotional Period runs from 16 April 2024 at 11:59:59 pm AEST until 30 April 2024 at 11:59:59 pm AEST.
Who is an Eligible Customer and how do I join the promotion?
  • Existing Payroller Subscribers are Web Subscribers that successfully paid for their subscription before 12 March 2024 and have maintained a current web subscription since that date, subject to being listed as an exclusion below.
  • Web Subscribers are users with a current subscription on
What exclusions apply?
  • The minimum payment amount must be greater than 50 cents AUD. For context this will generally only occur if your annual subscription was purchased or renewed within 48 hours of locking in your price.
  • Enterprise subscribers and customers on special contract are not eligible
  • NAB Subscribers are not eligible at this time
  • Users who are unsubscribed at any time within the Promotional Period
  • The offer for lock-in does not apply to Mobile Subscribers
  • Customers in the 7 day trial period
For Agents who are paying for their clients, you will need to address each eligible client account individually.