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Terms and conditions – Payroller Employer Referral Program

Payroller Employer Referral Program – Terms & Conditions

Thank you for helping to grow our community. From time to time, Payroller (“Payroller”) may invite you to participate in one of their referral programs to encourage people to use the Payroller applications and/or websites. Participating in a referral program or promotion (“Promotion”) can be a great way to earn discounts and other rewards (“Referral Reward”).

What is the current Promotion?

Information on how to enter and details on the Referral Rewards form part of these Terms and Conditions. In this Promotion, a Referrer whose Referee meets the necessary criteria will receive a $20AUD discount on their next Payroller Subscription for each successful Referee. The credit to the Referrer will be applied after the Referee subscription is successfully activated.
The promotional period starts on: 9 February 2023 12:01AM AEDT and closes on 8 August 2023 at 11:59pm Sydney AEDT. All Referees must activate the Offer within the Promotional Period and commence a subscription by 22 August 2023 12:01AM AEDT.

Who is eligible to be a Referrer?

Anyone may be a Referrer, they must have a Payroller account in good standing, manage their employees through a Payroller account as an Employer (“Employer”), and have a current Subscription. There is no limit to the number of Referees that a Referrer may make. A Referrer must have the Referee’s consent for Payroller to contact the Referee.

Who is eligible to be a Referee?

To receive a Referral Reward for referring someone to Payroller, your Referee must:

  1. meet the eligibility criteria noted in the referral invitation or offer (“Offer”),
  2. unless otherwise indicated in the Offer, sign up or activate the Offer, within 90 days of the referral invitation being sent,
  3. complete any specific actions required by the Offer
  4. use your unique link for you to be eligible,
  5. be a new subscriber to Payroller (eg. the Referee must not have or have previously had a Payroller account, whether or not it had a subscription),
  6. must subscribe to a Yearly plan, and
  7. must not cancel, chargeback, refund or have their subscription subject to cancellation, chargeback, or refund for the initial term of the subscription.