Superannuation monthly thresholds & opening balances in Payroller

Superannuation monthly threshold is now automated in Payroller and we have also improved opening balances.
You will not need to edit the superannuation monthly threshold manually in Payroller anymore!
If your employee earns less than $450 a month, Payroller will only start calculating superannuation once you reach the monthly threshold.
Some things to be aware of with this feature are:
  • The payment date will be used to categorise which month the payment falls into.
  • When you reach $450, the total super owed for other pay runs that month will be added to the current pay run. For example, my employee earned $200 in the first week of May and then earned $300 in the second week.  Then my second pay run will calculate the super for both weeks (=$47.5).

Opening balances in payroll

The opening balances section in Payroller has more detailed earnings types including allowances, deductions and JobKeeper.  Learn how to add opening balances for your employees with our simple user guide.
Thanks for all your fantastic feedback!  You can request more updates and features to help us continue to improve Payroller.

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