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What you need to know about managing hotel staff costs


Your staff are important to run your hotel, motel or resort efficiently.  

Tips for managing hotel staff costs

Optimise staffing levels

To determine the best staffing levels for each department, examine the hotel’s business patterns and occupancy rates. Overstaffing during slow times and understaffing during peak times can result in unnecessary costs or reduced service quality.

Streamline staff scheduling 

Develop flexible and efficient scheduling practices for your hotel to adjust to demand during seasonal busy and off-peak periods. As an accommodation provider, you can implement split shifts and cross-train staff to cover multiple roles.  Reduce labour costs associated with manual timekeeping and scheduling by implementing technology solutions, like automated time and attendance systems.

Make operational improvements

Improve productivity by streamlining operations and reducing inefficiencies.  Review housekeeping procedures, food and beverage service, and other operational areas to identify areas for improvement.


Invest in employee development

Employee satisfaction and retention depend on employee development. Provide staff development programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of your hotel employees. By focusing on staff training, you can reduce staff turnover and lower staffing costs in the long-term.


Outsource where you can

Consider outsourcing non-core functions such as laundry, maintenance, and security to reduce costs.


Focus on employee retention


Provide competitive salaries, benefits, and career development opportunities to retain employees. By improving employee retention, you can reduce the cost of recruiting and training new employees that results from high staff turnover.


Monitor and track labour costs

Track and monitor labour costs regularly to identify trends and areas for improvement. With proper work hour tracking, hotel managers can identify inefficiencies in labour costs and take appropriate action.


Manage staffing & payroll for your hotel 

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