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A guide to overcoming payroll challenges in the hospitality industry


Managing your payroll can be challenging, especially in the hospitality industry where labour costs are high.  Restaurant, cafe, and takeaway owners can overcome payroll challenges and improve their efficiency through a few simple strategies.

Below are some tips to get you started:

Automate your payroll process

  • The time it takes to manually calculate and process payroll is one of the most significant challenges of payroll management. Streamlining your payroll process will save you time, reduce errors, and make the process more efficient. You can automate payroll for your takeaway store and improve its efficiency with Payroller.

Implement a time tracking system

  • When employees are paid by the hour in the hospitality industry, tracking their hours is vital. You can ensure accurate pay for your employees and compliance with labour laws by implementing a time tracking system. It can also help you identify areas where you can reduce labour costs, such as overstaffing during slow times.

Offer competitive wages and benefits

  • The hospitality industry faces many challenges when it comes to retaining employees. In order to attract and retain top talent, it is important to offer competitive wages and benefits. Employees are more likely to stay with you when you offer them benefits such as gym vouchers, wellness incentives, and discounts on food.
challenges-in hospitality-industry

Cross-train your staff

  • By cross-training your staff, you can reduce labour costs and improve efficiency. Your restaurant can always be adequately staffed by training your staff to perform multiple tasks. The benefits of cross-training can also be seen in the improvement of employee morale and job satisfaction.

Monitor your labour costs

  • To effectively manage your payroll, you need to keep track of your labour costs. Maintaining a regular labour cost tracking system allows you to identify areas for cost reduction, such as overstaffing or scheduling employees during slow periods. Making hiring and scheduling decisions based on labour cost data can also help you save money.

Managing payroll for restaurants and eateries can be challenging. By implementing the tips above, you can improve the efficiency of your restaurant and reduce your labour costs.  

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