A hobby becomes a business with Payroller

Very few people get to spend their days doing something they love but Saoirse Ward is one of them.

Saoirse turned her hobby for baking into a business when she started Sift’d in 2016.

Sift’d create a variety of cakes and baked goods fit for every kind of celebration, whether it be a tiered wedding cake or biscuits for a work event.
“I loved making cakes and desserts and wanted to share this with everyone. I had my first ‘order’ for a party for a family friend and realised how much fun baking and creating was and it just grew from there!”

Becoming a business owner

 There was plenty to learn when Saoirse first started her business.
While the baking part of her business was fun, she found it hard organising the legal side of running a business and learning how to price her cakes.
“Using amazing websites and making myself accountable and organised has helped me to improve on this but to this day it is still something I struggle with.”
She needed a simple way to manage her payroll and in 2020, she came across Payroller.
“A friend of mine put me onto it as she used it for her husbands business. It’s such an amazing tool for small businesses to manage everything.”
Her favourite thing about Payroller is how easy it is.
“Even without all the very detailed instructions its amazingly easy to navigate! It allows me to send my income to the government so easily, and manage my tax/super payments.”

How Saoirse turned her baking hobby into a business - Payroller Customer Story


Making something that people remember

Baking business - Payroller customer story

Saoirse’s favourite thing about running a business is being a part of such momentous occasions for her customers.
“Being able to make cakes for weddings and birthdays and baptisms and them having pictures of my cake for years to come is amazing.”
Her advice to other business owners is to be patient and not expect perfection straight away.
Don’t start out and expect to be perfect, hone your craft and be patient.
Check out Sift’d’s website or on Facebook or Instagram.
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