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Running a small business with a sea change

Many people dream of escaping to the sea and spending the rest of their lives by the ocean.  Not many people can do that while running a small business at the same time!

Robyn Wallace and her husband did exactly that when they moved to the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.
“My husband and I were looking for a ‘sea change’.”
In 2017, they became the owners of the Fowlers Bay Caravan Park, a small private beachfront caravan park situated on the Esplanade, opposite a 340m long solar lit jetty.
The eco caravan park’s sites, amenities and kiosk are powered entirely by a unique hybrid solar system.
The park’s water is also naturally collected through rainwater and from a sand dune aquifer.

How Robyn is living out her 'sea change' in Fowlers Bay - Payroller Customer Story

Finding a work-life balance

While running her business, Robyn learned how important it is to find a healthy balance between work and having a life.
She found it hard to keep up with her bookwork and noticed that this was taking up most of her time.
When the Single Touch Payroll (STP) laws were introduced, she needed a simple solution that would save time rather than take up time.
She came across Payroller when she searched for solutions online.
“It was exactly what I needed for my small business. It is simple to use and reliable. I love that it’s easy to use and best of all free!”

Loving where you work

How Robyn is living out her 'sea change' in Fowlers Bay - Payroller Customer Story

Robyn’s favourite thing about running her own business is living and working in a beautiful beachside community.
She also loves the freedom that comes with being her own boss.
Her advice to other business owners is to stay on top of their bookkeeping and most importantly, enjoy their life.
“Get your bookwork (including payroll) systems in place early and even though making money is important don’t forget to have a life.”
Check out Fowlers Bay Caravan Park’s website or on Facebook.

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