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Does a sole trader need an ABN

When does a Sole Trader in Australia need an ABN?

Sole traders must register for an Australian Business Number (ABN) if they are conducting business. Business activities include providing goods or services in exchange for payment, renting out property, or selling goods online. 

Some businesses that begin as a hobby or sell private possessions on a marketplace do not require an ABN until they turn a profit.  You can seek a lawyer or accountant for advice, if you’re feeling unsure about whether you should register an ABN for your sole trader business.

An ABN may still be required even if a sole trader does not meet the GST reporting threshold of turnover over $75,000.  Sole Traders benefit from having ABN because they can register for GST, claim business expenses, and do business with other companies and government agencies easier.

Doing payroll for sole traders

If you have employees as a sole trader, you’ll need a simple but reliable STP approved payroll solution like Payroller. You can easily add or change your Australian Business Number (ABN) and other business details in the Payroller system.  

Payroll made accessible.

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