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How to handle payroll for your hospitality business

Why is having a good payroll system important for your restaurant, cafe or takeaway business?

The biggest administrative hassle facing human resource departments in the hospitality industry is the handling of the payroll. This is because the hospitality sector frequently employs many casual, part-time and seasonal workers, especially during the festive season. This can complicate payroll management.

Cafes, restaurants and hospitality businesses need to integrate an efficient payroll system to pay staff accurately. Having a reliable payroll system reduces errors and guarantees that workers are paid correctly and on time.  As a small business owner, you want to save time so you can focus on your food and drinks business.  Automate payroll management processes including calculating wages, keeping track of hours worked, and creating reports with online payroll software like Payroller.

How do I run payroll for many casual, part-time & temporary workers?

Most employees working in the hospitality industry are employed on a casual and/or temporary basis to ease congestion during busy times. Casual employees typically do not have fixed hours or a set schedule.  This makes it hard to track hours worked by your staff and calculate pay accurately.  Having cloud payroll for your takeaway store saves you time when you have many staff with different working hours and arrangements.

How to reduce errors in your restaurant or cafe’s payroll program

During the busiest times in hospitality, there are many transactions for your business to process and inadequate time to check for errors. This can increase the risk of inaccurate pay. Payroll errors can have serious repercussions, including financial penalties.  Errors can also damage your business reputation.

You can minimise manual input by automating payroll for your cafe.  Use online payroll solutions like Payroller to calculate pay, track hours worked, and create comprehensive payroll reports. Your staff should also be regularly trained to manage payroll during busy times.

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