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Are your clients’ payslips easily accessible?


It has become increasingly common for payroll software for businesses to include employee payslip generation features. As an accountant, bookkeeper of tax agent, you may have many clients with different payroll requirements. Payroll software like Payroller supports agents with streamlining payroll for existing and new clients at the same time.
You save time as an Agent with automated calculations of pay, tax and superannuation contributions, and
Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting,

Employers in Australia must provide payslips to employees either in paper form or electronically. Payslips must be provided to staff within one working day of the employee being paid. Payslips should also include the employer’s name and ABN, the employee’s name, role, job type, pay period dates, and any relevant details about the employee’s employment. Additional pay details can include hourly rate, number of hours worked, and any overtime or allowances.

Employees can normally access payslips via email or by requesting a physical copy. With Payroller, your staff can view payslips and more anytime with the free Payroller employee mobile app. It is important for employers to choose a secure payroll system so that workers’ sensitive personal and job information are protected.

Automation and the ability to manage multiple clients’ payroll at once saves your accounting business time. You can focus on working with a wider range of clients at once without compromising accuracy or compliance. Have real-time visibility of payroll data across many clients with Payroller’s free agent portal. You can also connect our simple and affordable software to other business platforms like Xero..  

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