A local cleaning business’ success story


Lee Li founded his office cleaning company, Eco Commercial Cleaning in 2012.
He noticed that other office cleaning businesses were charging excessive rates and decided to start his own business offering quality services at a reasonable rate.
“We found that a lot of the businesses are been overcharged for their janitorial services. So we decided to step in the market and aim to provide quality service to the market with fair pricing.”
Lee’s business provides cleaning services for commercial office, retail, education and industrial sectors.
They specifically use only earth-friendly chemicals and commercial grade equipment necessary to do the job.

Creating Word of Mouth

Lee's successful cleaning business

When Lee first started his business, he found it difficult to find new clients.
However, his existing clients soon started recommending his business to others and his clientele grew.
“In the beginning, finding new clients was a challenge, but after we built our world of mouth, clients started to pour in.”
In 2020, the Single Touch Payroll (STP) requirements became a new challenge for Lee’s business.
However, this challenge was overcome when he found Payroller.
“It made the payroll process so simple. It has a very user friendly interface and very simple, “to the point” functions.

Services worth talking about

Lee cleaning business Payroller customer story

Lee’s favourite thing about running a business is providing high-quality services to his clients.
“It makes my day when I receive thank you letters or recommendation letters from our lovely clients. and fortunately, we get this quite often!”
His advice to other business owners is simply to use Payroller.
“If you are a small business owner like me, use Payroller as early as possible. It will save you hundreds of hours on paperwork.”
Check out Eco Commercial Cleaning’s website for more!
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