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Learn how to request new features to help our team continue improving Payroller

If you’ve noticed that there’s a feature missing on Payroller or you’ve got an idea about something you think would be a good addition, let us know on our feature request page.

Here you can vote for features you want to be added or you can put in your request. You can also request a feature straight from your account.

Step 1: Select ‘Feature Request/Bugs

If you are experiencing any bugs or issues please reach out to us at or the support chat for this to be reviewed quickly.

Other - How to request a feature - 1

Step 2: Select ‘Make a suggestion’ to create a new feature request.

Other - How to request a feature - 2

Step 3: Enter the Title, and details and tag the feature request.

Please provide as much detail as possible so that once the feature is approved it can be implemented to the desired request.

Other - How to request a feature - 3

You can upvote features by clicking on the number icon on the right.

Other - How to request a feature - 4

View the feature request by selecting the request.

Other - How to request a feature - 5

And leave a comment.

Other - How to request a feature - 6


Q: How long should I expect to wait for my feature request to be implemented?

A: Here at Payroller we review feature requests based on how many users have voted for the feature, the clarity of the request, the length of time it will take to implement, the resources required to implement this feature as well as whether implementing this feature is in line with company goals. Please be aware that this page is closely monitored and many of these feature requests are being reviewed and discussed.

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