How to request new features to help our team continue improving Payroller

If you’ve noticed that there’s a feature missing on Payroller or you think something would be an useful addition, please let us know on our feature request pages:

Here you can vote for features you want to be added or you can put in your own request.

You can also request a feature straight from your account.

Select ‘Feature Request/Bugs’

If you are experiencing any bugs or issues please reach out to us at or the support chat for this to be addressed quickly.

Other - How to request a feature - 1

Select ‘Make a suggestion’ to create a new feature request

Other - How to request a feature - 2

Enter the Title, details and tag the feature request.

Please provide as many details as possible for the feature you would like to see so that it can be reviewed and implemented appropriately.

Other - How to request a feature - 3

You can upvote features by clicking on the number icon on the right

Other - How to request a feature - 4

View the feature request by selecting the request.

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And also leave a comment.

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