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How to Maximise Your Annual Leaves [2024]

Unlocking the annual leave hack for 2024

Picture this, you have 20 days of annual leave, but with a little strategic planning, you can transform that into more than 40+ days off. It might sound like a magical trick, but it’s a reality for employees in Australia. In this blog article, we’ll reveal the secret to this incredible annual leave hack that promises extended vacations and a healthier work-life balance. Are you in for less work and more play?

The escape plan: Make the most of public holidays!

How does it work?

It’s all about timing. By aligning your annual leave with public holidays and weekends, you can enjoy significantly more time away from work without using extra leave days.

Let’s break it down by public holiday.

The best days to take annual leave in 2024

January 2024, Australia Day: 9 days off

Start the year with an extended holiday! In January, strategically use your leave from January 22 to 25 to extend your break from Australia Day.

  • Saturday 20 January: Weekend
  • Sunday 21 January: Weekend
  • Monday 22 January: Annual leave
  • Tuesday 23 January: Annual leave
  • Wednesday 24 January: Annual leave
  • Thursday 25 January: Annual leave
  • Friday 26 January: Australia Day
  • Saturday 27 January: Weekend
  • Sunday 28 January: Weekend

Total days off: 9
Total annual leave days used: 4

March 2024, Easter Monday: 16 days off

It’s time to check in and hop into an Easter vay-cay! Combine 4 leave days before Good Friday and another 4 after Easter Monday to create a whopping 16 days off during the Easter season. Your ultimate vacation awaits, with ample time for relaxation and exploration.

  • Saturday 23 March: Weekend
  • Sunday 24 March: Weekend
  • Monday 25 March: Annual leave
  • Tuesday 26 March: Annual leave
  • Wednesday 27 March: Annual leave
  • Thursday 28 March: Annual leave
  • Friday 29 March: Good Friday
  • Saturday 30 March: Weekend
  • Sunday 31 March: Weekend
  • Monday 1 April: Easter Monday
  • Tuesday 2 April: Easter Tuesday (exclusive to Tasmania’s public sector)
  • Wednesday 3 April: Annual leave
  • Thursday 4 April: Annual leave
  • Friday 5 April: Annual leave
  • Saturday 6 April: Weekend
  • Sunday 7 April: Weekend

Total days off: 16
Total annual leave days used: 7

April 2024, ANZAC Day: 9 days off

Embrace this opportunity to commemorate ANZAC Day while enjoying an extended period of rest and rejuvenation. Maximise your annual leaves by booking days off from April 24 to 27, allowing you to savour a well-deserved 9-day break.

  • Saturday 20 April: Weekend
  • Sunday 21 April: Weekend
  • Monday 22 April: Annual leave
  • Tuesday 23 April: Annual leave
  • Wednesday 24 April: Annual leave
  • Thursday 25 April: ANZAC Day
  • Friday 26 April: Annual leave
  • Saturday 27 April: Weekend
  • Sunday 28 April: Weekend

Total days off: 9
Total annual leave days used: 4

December 2024, Christmas Day & New Year’s Day: 12 days off

The holiday season is the ideal time to make the most of your leave. For a festive break, use annual leave days before and after Christmas Day. This results in a remarkable 12-day break from December 21 to January 1, allowing you to cherish the holidays and welcome the new year with open arms.

  • Saturday 21 December: Weekend
  • Sunday 22 December: Weekend
  • Monday 23 December: Annual leave
  • Tuesday 24 December: Annual leave (Christmas Eve for NT, QLD & SA)
  • Wednesday 25 December: Christmas Day
  • Thursday 26 December: Boxing Day (Proclamation Day for SA)
  • Friday 27 December: Annual leave
  • Saturday 28 December: Weekend
  • Sunday 29 December: Weekend
  • Monday 30 December: Annual leave
  • Tuesday 31 December: Annual leave (New Year’s Eve for NT & SA)
  • Wednesday 1 January: New Year’s Day

Total days off: 12
Total annual leave days used: 5

Best days to take off work by state

TAS: February 2024, Royal Hobart Regatta

Celebrate the Royal Hobart Regatta with an extended break. Take your annual leave from February 13 to 16, creating a vacation block from February 10 to February 18. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the festivities and more – or even go on a Valentine’s Day getaway.

Total days off: 9
Total annual leave days used: 4

SA: March 2024, Adelaide Cup Day

In March, Adelaide Cup Day provides an excellent opportunity for an extended break. Allocate your annual leave from March 12 to 15 to enjoy a prolonged holiday from March 9 to March 17, the ideal time to immerse yourself in the festivities.

Total days off: 9
Total annual leave days used: 4

ACT: May 2024, Reconciliation Day

In May, enjoy a break around Reconciliation Day. Take your annual leave from May 28 to 31 to enjoy a 9-day getaway from May 25 to June 2, a perfect time for reflection and relaxation.

Total days off: 9
Total annual leave days used: 4

NT: May 2024, May Day

Celebrate May Day with an extended break. Allocate your leave from May 7 to 10, creating a sizable leave period from May 4 to May 12. It’s an excellent time to embrace the May Day festivities.

Total days off: 9
Total annual leave days used: 4

NT: August 2024, Picnic Day

August’s Picnic Day is the perfect occasion for a longer break. Take your annual leave from August 6 to 9, resulting in days off from August 3 to August 11, providing ample time for picnics and relaxation.

Total days off: 9
Total annual leave days used: 4

ACT, NSW & SA: October, Labour Day

In October, you can enjoy a break around Labour Day. Take annual leave from October 8 to 11 and relish a 9-day-long escape from October 5 to October 13. It’s the perfect opportunity to soak in the beauty of spring. 

Total days off: 9
Total annual leave days used: 4

Make 2024 the year of rest and relaxation

Fully maximising your annual leave in 2024 is all about using your days off at the right time. It’s important to give yourself enough time to recharge and avoid burning out. For extra fun, coordinate your annual leaves with friends and family so you can spend more R&R time together! With a little planning, 2024 could be your year of unforgettable adventures and well-deserved downtime.

Make sure you request time off ahead of time, so your employer can adjust your timesheet and employee rostering. By planning your annual leave ahead of time, you can help maintain the integrity of your work and take a break without any worries.

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