Cybersecurity practices for small businesses

The impact of a cyber security incident on a small business can be devastating. We see the effects of cyber security incidents on individuals, large companies, and small businesses every day.  The good news is that solid cyber security practices aren’t hard to implement even for small businesses in Australia. 

The Payroller team understands that small business owners and operators don’t have time or experience to prepare your business for cyber security risks.

No business should be left unprotected when it comes to cybersecurity. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Small businesses may lack the resources and expertise to defend against sophisticated threats. Simple security measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and using secure cloud software help protect your small business’ confidential data including payroll.

Cybersecurity checklist for small business

Enable 2FA for any business software 

Cloud software for your small business generally have the option to enable two-factor authentication.  This is especially important for software that stores sensitive information like payroll or bank details.  If you use secure payroll software like Payroller, make sure that anyone who has access to your payroll account uses 2FA to log in. This ensures that only authorised users can access sensitive payroll data.   

Enable 2FA for any business software  Ensure that all business devices have antivirus & firewall software 

Antivirus and firewall software helps protect your devices from viruses, malware, and other malicious attacks.    

Use strong passwords 

Encourage any employees in your small business to use strong passwords wherever possible.  Avoid password storage as much as possible.  If you need to share passwords, ensure you keep records of which employees have access to login details.  You can also implement a password management tool to ensure secure password storage and sharing.

Back up your data 

Ensure that all important data is backed up regularly.  Manual record-keeping is always at risk of physical damage.  Cloud payroll like Payroller is approved by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) so that your business’ payroll data is securely backed up online.  

Avoid clicking on unknown emails

Always avoid opening, clicking on links or opening attachments sent by unknown senders or from sends with suspicious emails.  You should be wary of emails asking for personal information like bank account details, ABNs or tax file numbers.


Use secure websites only

Verify a website’s security by checking to key indicators: 

Check for ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ in a website’s URL

The “s” in a website’s URL indicates “secure,” which means that a website uses encryption to protect your information.

Find the padlock icon in your browser’s address bar

A padlock icon indicates that the website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.  SSL helps ensure that your data is transmitted securely. You can click on the padlock icon to view a website’s security certificate which is generally issued by a trusted third-party provider like VeriSign or Thawte.

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